Clay Aiken – Introduces & Supports

“ Courage these days is not standing by yourself in the corner of a boxing ring throwing punches. Courage is whether you’re willing to stand next to someone you don’t always agree with for the betterment of this country.”    ~ Amy Klobuchar                                                                                                      


On Thursday, Clay Aiken was in Raleigh, North Carolina.  He was there to support and introduce  Amy Klobuchar. She is Clay’s pick for President of the United States.

The room was filled with supporters as Clay took the microphone and talked to the audience.  He spoke of the reasons he was supporting Amy and reminded the audience how much her standards would help North Carolina.

Amy thanked Clay and reminded the audience that Clay was a man who does not just entertain, but tries to make the world a better place.  She mentioned The National Inclusion Project and UNICEF.

Clay posted a nice Instagram with a picture:

A real treat and honor to get to “sing” the praises of Sen. @amyklobuchar today at her campaign rally in Raleigh. She’s definitely got the experience and the evidence of EFFECTIVENESS that we need in a President. But most importantly, she’s got the empathy and the ability to connect with people that we desperately need in a leader right now. I do believe she can bring people together.

I am glad that Clay was able to support his favorite candidate.  I am sure he was excited and glad to help.

I did not write this blog to start a political war.  I wrote it because Clay was in the spotlight and it is fun to see him as a supportive friend.  So….. lets all be nice today!

WRAL has a video of Clay introducing Amy and Amy thanking Clay.  I am not sure how long the video will be active, but I hope it last for at least 24 hours.


It’s great that Clay was able to do something that I am sure he was pleased to do.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures and news!

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