Clay Aiken – What An Exciting Day!


What an exciting Saturday for Clay Aiken and his followers.  It was a day full of special events, news, discussion, and some great one-liners!  Yes…it seem that Clay Aiken was at Politicon all day, participating in many exciting events and panels.

Thankfully, there were many people who were tweeting about the events.  So….here we go again with “news through twitter”.

Lorena Gonzalez ‏@LorenaSGonzalez First thing I see when I walk into @Politicon — yep @clayaiken #loveit

Lorena Gonzalez ‏@LorenaSGonzalez So they ask me to come speak at @Politicon and I revert to being an American Idol fan girl. @clayaiken

I’m doing my first Reddit AMA at 1:30 today. Join me! #reddit #ama


Carlos Leon ‏@carlosleon @clayaiken Just got swamped by the Founding Father at @Politicon 😂

AM 870 The Answer ‏@am870theanswer Come by the AM870 suite here at #Politicon about to start celebrity influence in politics @clayaiken is speaking!

John Ferriter ‏@Ferretmorgue Enjoying @clayaiken @ @politicon in Los Angeles

Fred Karger ‏@fredkarger Interesting panel w/ @clayaiken on celebrities in politics by @Variety @tedstew @Politicon

Stephanie Miller ‏@SMShow With my American idol @clayaiken

Sonali Seth ‏@sonalers Center .@clayaiken and @billburton talk the influence of money in politics at #Politicon

Thundergun03 ‏@Thundergun Listening to @clayaiken @billburton and Rep. Dennis Kucinich discuss Big money in politics @Politicon

LindaMilazzo ‏@LindaMilazzo At @Politicon in #LosAngeles watching debate on money in politics. @clayaiken & Dennis Kucinich rocking the #TRUTH!

Meg ‏@meaghanrose_  Clay Aiken adjudicating our debate dropping ALL kinds of one-liners 😂😂😂

gordonstables3Rebecca, Aubtin and Cristian with debate judge Clay Aiken. Great job by everyone tonight! Thanks #politicon#ascj #USC

And…My favorite comment of the entire day!!

Earlier today. “Hi Cenk, I am Clay Aiken and I am a big fan.” The awesomeness of Clay Aiken thinking there’s anyone who doesn’t know who he is. #politicon (at Los Angeles Convention Center)


It is exciting to see that Clay was so involved in Politicon.

What a great opportunity to meet important people and hear many different opinions and listen to each other!!

I hope they decide to have this event again next year!!

Politicon said that they will be posting pictures and videos of the events.

 It will be fun to hear what Clay had to say!!

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