Clay Aiken – Entertaining, Witty, Funny, Snarky!!

It was July 7, 2007.  The theater was rather old and it was HOT.  But no one in the Brady Theater in Tulsa seemed to care.  They were there to see Clay Aiken perform the third concert on his “Soft Rock & Hard Place Tour.”

The enthusiastic crowd was ready for an exciting evening of music, talk and even a little dancing!!  The set list for the concert was:

1.Here You Come Again
2. Everything I Have
3. I Want To Know What Love Is (with Quiana)
4. When I See You Smile
5. Every Time You Go Away (mostly audience singing!!)
6. TV Themes Medley: West Wing Theme(Orchestra) Nothin’s Gonna Stop Me Now(Perfect Strangers)/ Everywhere You Look (Full House)/Making Our Dreams Come True (Laverne and Shirley)/Growing Pains theme/Different Strokes/Charles In Charge theme/WKRP in Cincinnati theme/Who’s the Boss? theme/Thank You for Being a Friend(Golden Girls)/Gimme A Break theme/Welcome Back Kotter/Movin’ On Up(Jefferson’s)/Those Were the Days(All in the Family)/Matlock theme(piano only)
7. These Open Arms
8. When The Lights Go Down (Quiana)


9. Without You
10. Measure of a Man
13. A Thousand Days
14. The Way You Make Me Feel
15.”Classic Songs” Medley: Like A Virgin/Baby Got Back/1999/She Thinks My tractor’s Sexy/Ooops, I Did It Again/YEAH!/Achy Breaky Heart/Sexy Back/Opposites Attract/Beat It
16. Listen (Angela)
17.Lover All Alone
18.Because You Loved Me

According to some of the fans who attended the concert, the minute Clay walked out on the stage, he was totally amazing.  Clay was in excellent voice and was very funny.  There was a lot of great audience interaction and he looked absolutely gorgeous.

One of the fan favorites was when Clay performed “Lover All Alone.”  One fan said that it was a very moving experience and felt that it was such a beautiful and poignant song.

Another fan, Wildcard 24 said:

“Clay was very entertaining, witty, funny, snarky, on top of great singing. What else can a fan ask for? I love, love when he pulled up his jeans while singing about his sexy tractor lol. He was really dancing and having fun.”

After the concert, the crowd waited for the opportunity to shake Clay’s hand.  The huge crowd was handled well.  Jerome had the fans line up single file and there were so many that they made a huge circle that filled up the whole parking lot. When Clay came out, he shook everyone’s hand.

Fortunately, there were many people who were able to catch the magic of the show on their video cameras.  Those wonderful fans shared their videos with most of the Clay Boards so that many fans had the opportunity to participate in the fun.

When the night was over, the fans left feeling excited and happy and Clay left to travel to Philadelphia for the next concert.

The 2007 Summer Tour was a great success.  Clay took some risks and performed many different types of music.  He seemed to have fun and laughed along with the audience that seemed to enjoy every moment of the concert.

There are three videos below that represent some of the great moments of the evening.

Everything I Have


Lover All Alone




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