Clay Aiken – Alleged Stalker Arrested

It was reported this morning that Clay Aiken had an uninvited guest at his house on April 3rd. According to TMZ, a crazed fan somehow managed to sneak into Clay’s gated community and then climbed over a fence that surrounds Clay’s property.  She was seen trying to look into a window at the front of his house.

The police responded to a 911 call and the fan, a 57 year old lady from Seattle, was arrested.  She was charged with misdemeanor stalking and misdemeanor first degree trespassing.

Surprisingly, this was not the first time this lady has tried to get close to Clay.  According to police records, the stalker had  “thrown her phone over the fence” in a previous incident and claimed “she had been invited by the victim when actually she had not been.”

What a shame that some people cross the line and don’t know right from wrong.  One can only hope that the lady gets some help.  She will be appearing in court at the end of the month.


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