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Sometimes it’s just the little things that make you smile.  Thursday had two”little things” that would make followers of Clay Aiken smile.

Clay was mentioned on the Thursday showing of Jeopardy.  Now this is not the first time Clay has been a part of a Jeopardy question but this one has a slight twist…the answer to the question was North Carolina!  It was just a nice mention of the famous Mr. Aiken!

Screen cap from JClay

In an article published on Thursday, Clay was pointed out as an expert…not in music, not in education, not in politics…but as an expert in taking “selfies!”  Well, I am sure he is an expert in that field..he has taken thousands of them!  The following are a couple of paragraphs from the article:

NPR – it’s all politics

How To Take A Picture-Perfect Presidential Selfie

by Tamara Keith

“Pics or it didn’t happen” is a common refrain these days. You can’t just experience life. You have to document it. And so, when fans line up to shake hands with a presidential candidate, that handshake often really isn’t enough. It’s all about the selfie — a self portrait shot from a cell phone. And candidates are being deluged with selfie seekers on the trail.

Selfies are “a part of American culture” and, for candidates, taking them has to be part of a broader digital campaign strategy, said Brian Donahue, founder and CEO of Craft Media Digital, a political communications firm.

“The point or the objective is really to expand your message and expand your audiences,” he said. “I think selfies are a really exciting visual way to show support and say that this is a candidate that I’m behind, I’m excited about. I want to share that in my own social network.”

Clay Aiken, American Idol turned 2014 congressional candidate, was a master of the campaign selfie. He even had a hashtag — #SelfieswithClay.

Now, he didn’t win his race. It wasn’t even close. But Aiken had the selfie down to a science. Rather than waiting for people to figure out their camera phones and fumble around. He’d just grab it and shoot himself.

“I started doing it because everybody has the same phones but nobody knows how to use anybody else’s, so it was just easier for me to take them myself,” he told me last Fall.

And as a result, he had a certain amount of control over the angle.

“I can always do it and make myself look like you can’t see all the chins I’ve added from eating so much,” he said…

The article goes on to get advice about “selfies” from Stephanie Saltzman, associate digital editor for To read the entire article or hear Clay talk to Tamara about selfies, click on SELFIES . 

The following are some fun selfies with Clay!

Have you ever had a “selfie” taken with Clay?

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