Clay Aiken – Cheese, Robots, and “Taymates!”

Did you hear Clay Aiken on the radio Tuesday morning? Clay was co-hosting the show, Wake Up With Taylor.

As you probably know, Wake Up With Taylor is a daily talk show on Sirius XM Stars 109, from 7:00AM ET to 10:00 AM ET. The show is hosted by Taylor Strecker. The 3 hours are for pop-culture topics, celebrity interviews, and some fun comedic segments.

Yesterday’s show was filled with lots of laughs and some fun information too.  The following is some of the things that Taylor and Clay talked about:

  • Money, money, money!!!  Ryan Seacrest is renting a penthouse in NYC. It’s huge and very expensive!
  • Clay said that all the estimates of his net worth that are on-line…are all wrong!
  • Taylor finally saw Dear Evan Hansen and loved it…best show on Broadway right now!!
  • America is the creative center of the world!
  • Beware of jobs disappearing because of robots!
  • Rumors about bad relationships with his son’s mother were brought up for the election and they were not true at all!
  • Clay just named Taylor’s fans “Taymates”.
  • Whoever thought they would ever listen to Clay having a conversation about Virtual Reality sex?
  • The owner of The Formaggio Cheese Co. talked about the art of cheese making.   Clay loved the cheese!
  • Clay’s friend, Keala Settle is going to be in the movie, The Greatest Showman

I could go on and on.  It was a fun 3 hours!

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Did you listen to Clay and Taylor?

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