Clay Aiken – Hear The Conversation!

Meghan McCain is an author and  national radio personality. She is also the  daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain.  In July 2015, McCain became the  host of the nationally syndicated radio program America Now.

Yesterday, August 2nd,  Clay was a guest on the show.  Instead of being in the studio with Meghan, Clay called in from North Carolina. Clay and Meghan had an interesting conversation about the election.

While talking about Donald Trump, Clay said that Trump is already saying that the election will be rigged. Clay thought that Trump was saying this to set up an excuse for losing.

Clay was asked what Clinton needed to do to maintain her lead.  He said:

  1.  Keep her message hopeful.
  2. Always strive to keep the party unified.
  3. Continue to remind people that Trump is not what America needs.
  4. Hope that there are no “big” surprises coming up.
  5. Try not to be so rigid in her speeches.  Show more personality.

As usual, Meghan and Clay chatted as though they were good friends. Clay seems to be a regular on her show so I am sure they enjoy talking together.  I have always enjoyed that even when they disagree, their conversation is always full of  respect for each other.

If you missed the radio show, you can still hear it.  The program is listed on the radio website.   Clay is on the last half of the show.  His conversation starts about 54 minutes into the show.  If you would like to hear the program, you can find it on the radio website.  Choose August 2nd and you will hear Clay!  To hear the show, click HERE

I wish that we were able to give people a warning that Clay was on the show.  It would be nice to hear the conversation live!

The pictures today are all from former visits with Meghan.

Hopefully, we will get more information from Clay today!!

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