Clay Aiken – Around The World

It’s a mystery that has not been solved. No one even has a hint. The answer has not been found. What is the mystery??

It is the whereabouts of superstar, Clay Aiken.

CANN sent their crack team of detectives to the far corners of the world, trying to find the answer. They were given a few strict rules to follow if Clay was found……….no staring, no asking for autographs and no flash cameras, and most important…….only report back to CANN and its readers. The following photographs were received today. What do you think? Did we solve the mystery??

A big thank you to SueReu for the great pictures. We are so lucky that she shares her talents with us.  Sue shared these pictures with us a few years ago.  However, even though we posted them before, this seemed an appropriate time to post them again.  I think we are all missing Clay!

I hope that everyone knows that this blog today is in jest. We are the first to agree that Clay Aiken deserves a break. I hope he is having a wonderful time wherever he is!!



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