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Clay Aiken – A Happy Time

You are only as successful as you are happy.

~ Clay Aiken


Today is the first day of Memorial Day Weekend.  Most of us usually think it is the end of school and the beginning of a wonderful vacation…

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has changed the way we act and feel.  I don’t think it is fun for anyone.  I look forward to getting things safe so that we can get back to our wonderful homes and families!

I needed to find something special for today’s blog.  The video certainly made me laugh and smile.  I hope it will for you too!  ENJOY!


Supporters of Clay Aiken are always amazed at the gorgeous pictures that fans take of him in concert. One of the concerts that produced a great deal of stunning pictures of Clay was the October 14, 2010 concert in Chicago. Held at the Park West Theatre, the concert was a fundraiser for WTTW, the PBS TV station in the Chicago area.

What made this night so special? Well, Clay seemed happy and relaxed and gave the impression that he was having a wonderful time. Add to that the intimate setting and the wonderfully talented photographers who were able to take some amazing pictures.

There are so many wonderful photographs from the Chicago concert. It was hard to choose just a few. Do you have a favorite?

Oh……..don’t forget to watch the video. It is “Classic Clay!”

Now…Don’t You Feel Better!


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