A Thoughtful Gesture

Fate stepped in Tuesday and changed the night for eleven very lucky ladies.

Severe weather forced the cancellation of the Celine Dion concert in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The concert was part of an auction item at the Champions For Change Gala held in Raleigh last fall.  So, ten fans had flown onto Raleigh and were ready to join Clay Aiken in a box for the concert.

Clay Aiken - 2008

Since the fans were all from out of town, scheduling was a big problem. Each one had flights scheduled for Wednesday and many had jobs and family obligations on Thursday. Anticipating this, the BAF and Clay put their heads together and quickly planned a beautiful dinner for the 10 ladies. Clay didn’t come alone. He was joined by Jaymes, Faye, Jerome, and Cheryl, who is Clay’s assistant.

One of the fans, Toni7babe said: “The dinner was excellent, the conversation and the company were even better…….things worked out better than we could ever imagine”. According to the ladies, they spent about three hours with Clay, his family and friends.

One of the original ladies, who was scheduled to attend, is in the hospital and was unable to be with the group. After being informed of this, Clay picked up the phone and called her to wish her well and let her know that she was missed. He asked her how she was feeling and the fan answered that she was feeling a whole lot better now.

Tonight, Clay Aiken did a thoughtful and loving gesture. Sometimes one telephone call tells you more about a person than 100 interviews on TV and the radio.

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11 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Gesture

  1. This story just warms my heart…..but truthfully, I am not surprised by it…It just seems the way Clay operates….he truly does love his fans, and I’m sure they realized that the rescheduling of the concert would have an impact on his travelling fans….

    I could only imagine sitting there for 3 hours at the same table with Clay and his family and friends….gosh…this would be such a thrill. I am so happy that everyone got their time with Clay. I would imagine as well that it was Clay and Co. that did the travelling, as the ladies were probably at a hotel close to the venue…

    He tries his hardest to make things right for people…I just love him…


  2. This isn’t the first time that Clay has turned a disappointment into something better than expected. Good for him and what a thrill for the ladies involved.

    Yes he is a class act and his heart is as big as his voice.

  3. What an incredibly heartwarming thing for Clay to do 🙂

    These woman will live with these memories forever and it seems Clay and his team did everything possible to make things better when they found out the concert was cancelled.

    Clay Aiken, is indeed, a CLASS ACT.

  4. Ditto–class act!!!
    Is it any wonder we love him.
    So happy for those ladies–a night they will never forget.

  5. He never fails to impress me with his beautiful heart and spirit. Several posted above that Clay is a class act. Indeed. No argument here.

  6. This just says and shows to me again that the person we fell in love with on AI is still the caring , giving and loving man he was back in 2004. I am so glad these women were able to have this experience. What a night it must have been for them!

  7. Clay is wonderful. He shows it every single day.
    How lucky those fans were. They missed Celine but had 3 hours of undivided Clay attention. I am so happy for those fans.
    He is definitely a class act.

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