Greensboro Idol Reunion

Starring in the revival of Ain’t Misbehavin’, Ruben Studdard made a visit to the War Memorial Arena in Greensboro, North Carolina last night. To many fans, this is considered “Clay Country” so no one seemed surprised when Clay Aiken and his entourage were in attendance to support his friend of almost 6 years.

Photo Courtesy - Greensboro Coliseum Complex

Photo Courtesy - Greensboro Coliseum Complex

Ruben was asked last week if he was worried about being in his one-time rival’s turf.  “I just saw him about four weeks ago in Spamalot, and we got to hang out. It’ll be good to come down there with the Claymates,” Ruben said with a laugh.

Studdard is not the only performer in the Ain’t Misbehavin’ revival with an Idol connection. He is joined on the stage by Frenchie Davis and Trenyce Cobbins, both of whom also appeared in the show’s second season.

The night must have been an exciting time for the three performers on the stage and for their famous friend in the audience. It is always nice to hear that both Clay and Ruben go out of their way to support each other.

Clay and Ruben had a chance to catch up at the Lucky 32 Restaurant in Greensboro.

Clay and Ruben at the Lucky 32 Restaurant

Clay and Ruben at the Lucky 32 Restaurant

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  1. I love that Clay & Ruben have remained such good friends over the years!! I loved the two of them together on AI, their obvious camaraderie onstage made me tune in week after week (well, that and the amazing talent of both of these men, particularly Mr. Aiken)

    I hope it was a successful evening enjoyed by ALL!!

  2. How fun it must have been for Clay to visit his friends and watch the show from the audience. I bet the friends had a great time afterwards just hanging out and having fun.

  3. Clay and Ruben share a special bond and I am so happy to see that they have remained great friends! It is nice to hear that they are both supporting each other in their careers after AI.

  4. What wonderful news that Clay went to support Ruben and other idol friends at the show. Hopefully they got to hang out afterwards and catch up!

  5. I’m glad Ruben and Clay are still such good friends
    and that they support each other. Glad they got
    to hang out and catch up with one another.

  6. So glad that they have remained friends–they always support each other. Would love to see them perform together again–they really had a certain chemistry and their voices sounded great when they sang together.

  7. (posting again – oh well)

    How WONDERFUL that they spent time together! I love that picture, feels like old times (and no, I won’t break out into song)

  8. Friends that support each others success. Life as it should be. Clay and Ruben have been friends since 2003. How wonderful that their friendship has endured. Ruben also saw Clay in “Spamalot” during his run. I think they both look TERRIFIC!!!!

  9. I’m so glad to see that Ruben and Clay are still great buds. And congrats on your site. It’s FABULOUS!

  10. What a great picture of Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard together again!!

    It is so nice to read how the two support each other and I’m so glad they’ve remained good friends. They are BOTH class acts!!

  11. I’m so glad they got a chance to catch up with each other. It’s wonderful that they are still such good friends and make it a point to attend each other’s performances..

  12. Clay and Ruben look great! Ruben went to see Clay in Spamalot too. I am so glad they have remained friends.

  13. Thanks for the most up-to-date news!

    I’ve just posted the Cluben news on my blog.
    I’m assuming that you don’t mind my stealing the stuff from here in order for me to translate into Japanese to share with all the Japanese fans.

    deona and Ann, thanks for the warm welcome you extended to us with your last comments.
    BTW, I’m impressed with your Japanese ability, deona.
    How did you learn the language?

  14. I was so happy to read that Clay made it down to Greensboro, to take in his good friends play. Thanks for your article and the sweet pic of the 2 rivals/buddies.:-)

  15. clayarmin,
    You are more than welcome to help yourself with our news. Feel free to use it on your site!

    My mother is from Japan. However, I was born and raised in the U.S. and unfortunately I only know a very few words in Japanese.

  16. I’m happy that Ruben and Clay remain friends how ever in 2003 there we’re 3 friend meaning Kimberly Lock last year in oct. she stated in an interview that she was no longer friends with Clay Aiken it saddent me to hear that. I just dont think that Clay Aiken would ever make a public statement like that , he has to much class for that. I due wonder what was her problem with Clay what ever it was it had no business
    in an interview

  17. I am so glad to see that Clay and Ruben remain great buddies.

    They are both wonderful and lovable guys. .

    Clayarmin it is so great to see you here. Have you been to the US and to any of Clay’s concerts?
    How wonderful you’re sharing the Clay News on your blog.

    My daughter in law is
    from Japan and my granddaughters are learning Japanese.
    The younger one is a real Claymate. The other day she heard Clay’s song, ‘These Open Arms’ in a restaurant before I did. Young ears. lol

  18. I was not surprised to hear that Clay went to see Ruben. I’m so happy that the two of them have remained friends and probably will for years to come. Yeah Clay your a class act. I too hope to hear the two of them sing together again, Ruben is the only other idol favorite of mine, Clay is still #1.

  19. It’s wonderful that these two have remained friends after 6 years and still find time to support one another. That’s what friendship is all about. They look so cute…..and so happy……..friends forever!

  20. So great to see Clay and Ruben have remained good friends and still take the time to support one another.

  21. Well, guys, sorry for the late comment, but I just discovered this site a few minutes ago! I’m glad, too that Clay and Rube remained good friends. BTW, I love CANN!

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