Poll: "Measure of a Man" Performances

__b_it1mNew poll! From all the songs from Clay Aiken’s first album, Measure of a Man, which one did you enjoy the most as a live performance? Make your choice in our new poll. The top five songs will be featured in our Featured Video bar at the conclusion of the poll. If you have any suggestions as to which performance of any particular song should be used in the video bar, please leave a comment and let us know! Unfortunately, Clay never performed Touch, so it was not included on the list.

In other site news, you will want to visit the montage video page and watch the amazing montage Miracle on the Hudson by starfishy2000. We have also posted a new slideshow of images from the different album photo shoots. Don’t miss it!

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12 thoughts on “Poll: "Measure of a Man" Performances

  1. I love so many songs from MOAM it’s hard to choose just one.

    I love IWCY, Solitaire, TITN, Perfect Day, and The Way.
    Everything Clay sings is perfection. I guess my very favorite is Run To Me.

    Thanks for the great job you’re doing on CANN. Love it!!

  2. It was very hard to choose just one favorite live MOAM performance! There are just too many good songs on that CD and Clay sings them all beautifully!

  3. Although Clay sings every song to perfection, the growing emotion during I Survived You and his beautiful piercing eyes during his live performances of this song were absolutely breathtaking.

  4. I saw Not A Tour about 10 times. Loved it each and every time I saw it. Solitaire has to be my favorite it has the glory not to end all glory notes. I was delighted when I later got another MOAM CD with Solitaire included. I also loved I Survived You. I really hate it when I have to choose just ONE Clay song. It’s so hard! LOL

  5. I love so many of the songs from MOAM for so many different reasons it’s hard to choose just one. Invisible is a classic and I love Solitaire because of the amazing glory note at the end, but if I have to choose just one favorite for him to sing live it would have to be I survived you because of the amazing sexy growl in his voice…I love the green-eyed soul!!!

  6. This is a tough choice as Clay sings all these songs very well. I think during the NAT my favorite song was Run To Me. It wasn’t sung at every concert, but I heard him sing it twice. It was a song that wasn’t that outstanding on the CD, but when you saw/felt the emotion and power of it in person it was a totally different story.

    Later, during the SRHP tour I loved Measure of a Man. I think he sang it best during that tour. Sometimes I thought he would fall right off that stool when he was singing that song!

  7. Measure of Man is my album favorite.
    Although it wasn’t actually a tour performance, my favorite was his July 4th performance in DC. I’d love to see that on this site for Inauguration Day.

  8. *sniff* I can’t vote because the only song I’ve ever seen him perform live from Measure of a Man IS Measure of a Man during the 2007 Summer Tour.

    I just KNOW that I would probably vote for Run to Me (one of my favorite songs) or I Will Carry You or I Survived You or Invisible or or or 😉

  9. Solitaire is one of my top choices for live via video.
    One of my very favourite MOAM songs is When You Say You Love Me. Concert videos are fun, but I always wanted to have Clay sing the whole song solo.

  10. I didnt get to see anything live on the MOAM as I only became a fan in the last 3 years but I have seen him sing MOAM live last year and it totally floored me..

    My vote is for that one (although Solitaire in the clack floors me too!!)

  11. This poll is really hard because I so love every song that Clay has ever sung. The emotion he puts into them is amazing! However, I would have to say that ‘Measure Of A Man’ is my favorite here. That song is a masterpiece sung by Clay.

  12. Like most of you, I love all of this wonderful album. My favorites in live performance are: 1st – Measure of a Man – with three particular performances: Wilkes-Barre on the NAT, on the Capitol Fourth on PBS in July of ’04, and Ft Myers during SR/HP tour in ’06. 2nd – The Way – most loved the exiting performance surprise in St Paul, at the end of the Independence tour with Kelly.

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