Inaugural Honor

On My Way Here

On My Way Here

Congratulations to DonnaLoveWayne (Maplestik).  Her “Something About Us” montage will be shown at one of the Inaugural Balls on January 20th. It seems that this has been in the works for many weeks as she had to give permission for it to be shown.

This is an honor for both the video maker and Clay Aiken who sings this love song with such passion. Perhaps the President-elect and his charming wife will have the time to dance to it.

Below is the  wonderful video on YouTube:

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13 thoughts on “Inaugural Honor

  1. Congratulations to my friend, Maplestik, who’s been a Clay fan fromthe beginning. I’m so happy for her!

  2. This is such a beautiful montage!! Such an honor—glad it will be seen and that Clay’s glorious voice will be heard.

    Congratulations, Maplestik!

  3. Congratulation to our president.
    This is a perfect song by Clay Aiken for this video.
    Hope many people get to see the video and hear Clay sing this song.

  4. Wow, what a great thing to hear! Congratulations to Maplestik. This is one of my favorites from CD


  5. I love the montage, it’s a perfect match for the song. Such an honor to have it played at one of the balls even if the new President and his wife don’t get to dance to it.

  6. I love this montage and would love if our new president and first lady would dance to this at one of the balls and it be broadcast to the entire country.

  7. WAY TO GO Mapes! Beautiful montage.The Bolt Babes are proud of you! You have been a great campaigner for President Elect Obama and a fan Of Clay Aiken from the beginning. I am so glad Clay’s beautiful voice will be heard at one of the Inaugural Balls.

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