If you’re a fan of Clay Aiken, you have many opportunities to walk down memory lane. Today, January 23rd is a good day to look back and remember an unusual bit of “Clay History”.

Clay Aiken Stars in Ed on TV

Clay Aiken Stars in Ed on TV

On January 23, 2004, Clay made a guest appearance on the quirky comedy series, Ed. Starring Tom Cavanagh, the series was about a lawyer who ran his private practice out of a bowling alley. Clay made his television acting debut as a singing star when he popped up as himself on this episode. Clay’s hit song, The Way was featured on the program along with the older song, This Magic Moment.

Ed was produced by NBC Studios in association with Worldwide Pants, Inc. and Viacom Productions.

Although Clay Aiken has gone on to many successful opportunities in the entertainment field, he must look back at his first acting job with a smile. Ed and his troupe of friends gave Clay the chance to have some fun.

Would you like to see some highlights of Clay’s performance on Ed? Check out this YouTube:

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19 thoughts on “Memories

  1. That was such a fun time. We were so excited that Clay got the chance to do a little acting. I can see such a huge improvement in his skills now after the wonderful Broadway community gave him their professional tips and advice.

  2. …Eeek, sorry I posted before I finished! I have NEVER, EVER seen this – how did I miss this??!!

    Thank you so much for posting it – its priceless! I’ve seen the Kenny Clips but never this one!

  3. Yeh!! I’ve been wanting to see this ED again. I have the original on tape but my VCR is on the fritz. This Magic Moment..oh how I’d love to hear Clay sing the whole song!

    Thanks for the memory.

  4. What a wonderful memory. That was back when people respected and appreciated Clay. He is just as talented and nice today as he was then, and I wish people wouldn’t laugh at him. I think he’s awesome. I love “This Magic Moment” and wish we could have heard the whole thing.

  5. It has been so long since I have seen this . I remember wanting all the actors to shut up so that I could hear Clay sing . His part was over way too fast !

  6. What a delightful memory! I loved that quirky show — Tom Cavanaugh is a big fave of mine. He’s goofy-fun-smart, like Clay.

    Best line EVAH: “Gold. eBay gold.”

    I too wanted the cast to ST*U so I could hear Clay sing.

    Thanks for a lovely stroll down that ol’ memory lane!

  7. Thanks for the reminder of that lovely show with Clay
    and for reminding us of the one year anniversary of Clay in
    Spamalot. xoxox

  8. I’ve never seen this before!!! I don’t know how I missed it. Thank you for bringing this to us for those that missed it. WOW he looks and sounds great.

  9. Thank you so much for this..It’s been so long since I saw it…Same man…only better now…

    I really enjoyed watching that again.


  10. I loved ED..big Tom Cavanagh fan…so I loved it even more when Clay had a guest appearance on there!! Thanks for the memory!!!

  11. I loved this!! I have never seen it before so it was a special treat for me. That glorious voice and beautiful face haven’t changed a bit!!!

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