Measure of Meatloaf Hair – Clay works the Cafeteria

The date:  February 15, 2005
The place:  Sacred Heart Hospital
The event: NBC Sit-com



This was the night that Clay Aiken starred as Kenny, the cafeteria worker, who liked to pick hair out of the meatloaf.  But life is not good for Kenny. There are rumors of job lay offs at Sacred Heart Hospital and Kenny is afraid he will lose his job because he is one of the last hired at the hospital.

Luckily, a fundraising talent show is scheduled at the hospital and Kenny has a chance to sing to save his job.

“Scrubs” was normally shot with only one camera and no studio audience, but for part of this episode four cameras and a live audience were used.  It was reported that the cast members had some trouble adjusting.  They had to learn to hold for laugh, but they liked the energy of doing the show live.

Isnt She Lovely

Isn't She Lovely

“I guess I have a little experience with live audiences,” Clay said, “so they said ‘why not come out and give it a shot?'”

The cast and crew were all impressed with Clay’s appearance.  Sarah Chalke, who played Elliot, said of Clay;  “He is so unbelievably talented.  And he was so cool; he came and sang for the audience at the end.”

Did you see this episode back in 2005?  If so, you were not alone as it was one of the highest rated episodes that season.

Whether you saw it before, or if you missed it, you can see it here.  Just click on the UTube and be ready to laugh out loud.


Then, take a moment and watch an interview by Ken Jenkins.  He played Dr. Bob Kelso on Scrubs and has very nice things to say about Clay and his visit to Scrubs.


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13 thoughts on “Measure of Meatloaf Hair – Clay works the Cafeteria

  1. OMG!!! Kenny makes me happier than a kitten chasing a leaky cow *g*!!!!!

    THANKS!!! I love Scrubs and absolutely ADORED that episode!!!!

    • Replying to my own post because I also have to say that I love that interview with Ken Jenkins. He seems like such a gentle man and he certainly got Clay – Clay Aiken is a great kid

  2. Clay Aiken…like watching magic…absolute pure song…a great kid!! Ken Jenkins saw what we all see every day! Great memory!

  3. He unzipped himself…LOL! And it was pure magic. Yep, there is no denying that Aiken magic. I love Ken’s interview. Thanks for bringing back this wonderful memory.

  4. I loved the show and Ken Jenkins just described Clay to a tee. That is the magic of seeing and hearing him for the first time.

  5. Thanks for the memories. That episode of Scrubs, with our Kenny (Clay Aiken) was the best. Just love when he came out and sang too. It was quite evident Ken Jenkins gets it also.

  6. I loved Clay playing Kenny. I also love that Ken Jenkins saw the Clay magic as soon as Clay sang. It makes me so happy to remember that. I wish others could see the absolute talent that Clay is.

  7. Thanks for bringing this up here. I have watched that segment with Clay over and over. I have also watched Ken Jenkins comments many times. It always brings smile to my face.

  8. Thanks for bringing that wonderful moment back to us and having Ken Jenkins’ comments made it even better.

    You really are doing a fantastic job with the site. Keep up the good work as it is very much appreciated. Carole 🙂

  9. I hope Clay gets some more offers to do TV shows. Who knew he’d be such a great actor? He played the Kenny character perfectly.

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