Clay Aiken is Everywhere

Clay Aiken certainly impressed many people Saturday night when he attended the GLAAD Media Awards celebration in New York.  From his business – like approach to all the press at the Red Carpet, to his outstanding and heartfelt introduction of Tyra, Clay was a true professional.

From all the web site and blog mentions about Clay’s appearance Saturday night, Clay was a big hit.

To make it easier to see all the wonderful mentions of Clay, we thought it would be good to list then here with the link.  Hopefully, this will help you see all the great Clay press.

The following is a video of more coverage of Clay on the Red Carpet.

video by bigappleforclay

People has a great picture of Clay and Tyra and a nice caption here: GLAAD TO BE THERE

Insider has a wonderful video interview with Tyra and Clay. Below is a clip from the video. You will want to go here to see the rest of it:

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Insider – GLAAD

Access Hollywood also covered the GLAAD Media Awards:

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This is nice. This site identified Clay as a “singer-songwriter”. I like that: Pink News: Tyra scores at the 20th GLAAD Media Awards

These two sites have photo coverage of the celebration.  It is coverage of the entire evening, not just Clay:

GLAAD has a wonderful photo slideshow with some pictures of  Clay: Pictures and Winners From The 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in NYC

We will continue to monitor the news sites and post any other positive press that we find.  Hopefully, this is helpful to all of you.

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken is Everywhere

  1. It’s wonderful to see all the positive press coming in from Saturday night…Thanks CANN for putting it all together….

    There are still jerks out there (NYPost) that are more concerned for the puffiness of his face, then the actual event…(amazing isn’t it?…and they couldn’t even get the name of the event GLADD right in their heading…nice reporting NYPost!!!!) You just have to laugh at that stuff…???

    This was definately a huge event for Clay, and I am so proud of him for standing up, and I was amazed that he wrote the speach for Tyra…well..not really..He is so good at that and is articulate in everything that he does.. I am so very proud of him…


  2. I am so glad you posted so much of the Gladd awards. Clay has shown over and over how he advocates for inclusion for all in all things.
    I am so proud of him. He and Tyra were the most photographed I believe of everyone who attended. I think the time will come when people say “Clay” it will be all that is needed to identify him as the person who advocates for all.What a great human being he is.

  3. Thanks for posting the GLAAD clack. This headline makes me yearn for the day when Clay really is everywhere touring all across the country.

  4. Thanks for this Clay AIken GLAAD piece! I cannot get enough of seeing Clay at any venues and what a wonderful speech he wrote himself for Tyra.

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