Clay Introduces Tyra Banks At GLAAD Media Awards (video)

GLAAD has posted a very nice video of Clay’s speech introducing Tyra Banks at the GLAAD Media Awards. Now you can hear him clearly. Thank you GLAAD!


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  1. BRAVO TYRA! and Bravo Clay!!

    Both speeches were so touching, so heart felt.

    We have come a long way toward acceptance of ALL people. While we have a way to go, people like Tyra Banks and Clay Aiken are there to raise awareness and take additional strides toward equality for all.

    Thanks for putting up this video!

  2. Wonderful video. Both Clay Aiken and Tyra Banks are wonderful speakers. Clay has always been about raising awareness. Now he has found one more way to use his voice. Any organization would be grateful to have him speak on their behalf.

  3. What a wonderful speech by both Clay and Tyra. Very nice to know that Clay wrote that speech too.

    Thank you so much for being so quick to have this since this newsletter is read by so many everyday.

    Great place to get all the latest Clay news and this newsletter should be on ALL the Clay message boards that support Clay.

  4. Both speeches were so heartfelt. Tyra and Clay are both beautiful and articulate–and what a difference to the lives of others they are making.
    Thanks for bringing that video over here.

  5. Those speeches were great, Clay is a very talented man. Tyra is also very talented and a wonderful person.

    Thanks so much for posting this video!

  6. What a heartfelt presentation at the GLAAD Awards when Clay Aiken presented the Award to Tyra Banks. He made a wonderful speech, which he wrote himself. Tyra also had a great speech and I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye.

  7. Bravo to Tyra Banks for using her voice and making a difference. Clay is such an eloquent speaker…he makes me so proud to be a fan.

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