A Special Gift From Clay Aiken

Friday night, April 24th, the Clay Nation experienced something extraordinary.  It will be an afternoon and evening that will be talked about for a long time.

Clay Aiken posted at the Official Fan Club and started a thread called Questions For Clay.  He said for us to go ahead and ask whatever we wanted to.  He explained that if he didn’t want to answer it, he wouldn’t.  He also suggested that no career or performance announcements would be made in the thread so it would waste time to ask questions about that.  He also reminded us that rude or invasive questions would not be tolerated.

The thread was to be questions only with no chatting so it would flow better and be easier to follow.

Between the mods at the OFC and the great fans, the hours flew by with few problems.  A few people had to be reminded not to chat, but most of the participating fans were following the rules and having a great time.

What did we learn in this question thread……Well, we learned that Clay really can’t play the piano, he doesn’t have orange crocs, he did his own hair for the “Night on the Tavern” Awards Dinner, and lots of other cute things.

But the biggest thing we learned was that Clay Aiken is a very special man who loves his fans.  He spent 7 hours on-line today, just to make us feel good and have a fun time.

Thank you Clay!!  I can’t think of any other celebrity who would spend so much time with their fans.  You are one in a million!!

Clay ended the evening with “a Big Bang.”  At 8:41pm (California time), Clay directed us to a new blog.  It seems he had a wonderful gift for us…..a studio recording of the song “Just You.”

Clay explained that it had been one of the first songs he had recorded for “A Thousand Different Ways.  When the label changed the direction of the new album, “Just You” was put on a shelf.

This song is a gift to us, but Clay suggested that it would be wonderful for those who download the song to donate whatever they can to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. He said:

“Consider this track a “charity recording” …. donate whatever you can or whatever you are willing to… and accept our thanks.”

Hopefully, all of Clay’s fans will donate something………a dollar, five dollars, twenty-five dollars……..whatever you can afford.  This was a wonderful gift given to us by Clay.  I hope TBAF makes loads of money.

We have just been given permission to post Clay’s entire blog.  Enjoy!!  It is wonderful.


What an interesting afternoon! You have kept my attention longer than I thought possible. If only my homework in high school had held my attention as long, huh?

Lots of interesting questions today and lots of energy. One question in particular got me (and Jaymes) to thinking. “Clay, will you ever record … Just You?”

Well folks… truth is.. . I did. Long ago. As a matter of fact It was one of the first songs we recorded for the album A Thousand Different Ways. It was recorded before the label asked me to do the album of cover love songs and before the budget was officially approved, so I actually paid for it myself. Then, as I recall, when the decision was made to do the cover album, the label opened a budget for the album, but it did not include reimbursing me for songs I had recorded that did not fit the concept. So, here I have had this song all along that, to my knowledge, I own the only copy of. What to do with it.. what to do? Well, this evening (with some encouragement from Jaymes) I decided…. let’s just give it to them. Why not? We do have plans (which we will tell you about eventually) to be back in the studio and record in the near future, but until then… you might as well get a bit of something you haven’t been able to hear in a while. “New” music.

Now… here’s the deal. I want to give it to you because you deserve it. You’ve stuck by me and been patient for a long time. But, also, I really have to give it to you. Since I didn’t write it or produce it, I can’t sell it to you… but I hate to encourage getting music for free. You all have always been SOOOO ethical when it has come to downloading music. I know my fans are probably some of the most scrupulous in the country and I believe that you never steal music. That said… We are gonna do this on the “honor system”… Go ahead…. download the song. It’s yours. Share it with your friends. It’s free. But… I want to make it count for someone… so let’s make it count for tens of thousands of children in the US with developmental disabilities If you can’t afford anything for it.. then don’t pay… but… if you can… I encourage you… I ask of you… that you make a donation to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation for how ever much you feel the song is worth. If you want to give $1… great. If you want to give $1000… GREAT… if you can only give $.05 … that’s fine too. It’s a tough time we’re living through nowadays, and non-profits are hurting more than ever as well. BAF (which will soon be known by a different name) has had amazing success in fulfilling it’s mission, and is embarking on a long term plan to continue including kids in every aspect of life. But, it will continue to need help from all of us in order to make that possible.

Consider this track a “charity recording” …. donate whatever you can or whatever you are willing to… and accept our thanks.


The song is for you…JUST YOU… from me.


Give a click if you would like to hear  JUST YOU

Donate to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

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36 thoughts on “A Special Gift From Clay Aiken

  1. Yesterday/last night was SO much fun! You could feel the electricty and excitement in the air over at the OFC while Clay was 'talking' with the fans.

    And then to have this gorgeous song – it was like the icing on the cake!!

    Clay Aiken is a class act, the real deal, and I'm proud and happy to be a fan of this man. I'm still smiling.

  2. Clay Aiken is the absolute best! He spent seven hours talking to his fans, and it was so much fun. As if that wasn’t enough, Clay gives us this precious gift of song, Just You, that is so lovely and so beautifully arranged, I fell in love with it all over again. My donation to the Bubel-Aiken Foundation will never be enough. Priceless! I hope everyone who downloads donates what they can. I love Clay Aiken!

  3. What a wonderful evening!! I have always wanted to sit and “chat” with him and that was just what it felt like.

    The song “Just You” is beautiful–loved it when he sang it live during JBT–never dreamed we finally have a studio recoding of it.

    How like Clay to think of a gift to us that will also help the BAF.

    That man is amazing and I love him more every day.

    • What a wonderful evening. My wishes came true and Clay what a great song. Thank you for such a great gift.

  4. What an amazing evening. Clay spent 7 hours on line answering questions for his fans, and then GIVES US a song.. I always say I couldn’t love him more…but that’s a lie. My love just grows and grows for this incredible man.

    My biggest wish right now, is that the BAF, and the kids will benefit greatly. Clay fans are the greatest, and I know people will donate whatever they can afford. times are tough right now..and Clay knows this. He always thinks out of the box, on how to do things. He is incredible. Here he is thinking of the kids, and his fans!!!!



  5. Yesterday was indeed a gift to all his fans. No one can say that Clay Aiken doesn’t care about his fans!! Just You is incredibly beautiful, and I am so thankful to be a fan of this extraordinary man!

  6. Enjoyed the evening with Clay Aiken. Some of his answers to the questions were very interesting. I will enjoy the new song!

  7. Clay Aiken sure is an entertaining and interesting Friday night date! Love the song, and love the man.

  8. Clay is amazing…he proves it time and time again. The song is absolutely gorgeous. It is so like Clay to donate a part of himself for the benefit of children . We are all winners here because of Clay!

  9. How many hours did he spend answering fan questions and then the song? Have I said how much I love the guy??!!

  10. He was there about 7 hours? Clay Aiken is the absolute best there is! Amazing voice, amazing heart, amazing man. I am so proud to be his fan.

  11. I just love Clay-what a wonderful gift to share his time and his voice with us. He is so funny and intelligent. He is so generous with his time to go through all those questions and answer some. What a wonderful time I had-thanks Clay- you are the best!

  12. What a fun night and a surprise from Clay Aiken. The song Just You is amazing and his foundation will benefit.

  13. There are many reasons Clay’s fans love him and his generosity is one of them! What he did yesterday was remarkable and giving us the recording of Just You was icing on the cake! I love him to death!

  14. I missed all the fun last night and to found out about all of this today it’s just wonderful news!
    I am so happy for all of us, and Clay.

    The song..just you..is amazing, and to know that Clay will soon record again is the best news.
    What a great week, I just love him.

  15. What a wonderful surprise to have Clay spend so much time with us answering questions. Then, the icing on the cake was the download of Just You! Hopefully the BAF will get lots of contributions. Clay Aiken is quite a guy and I’m proud to be his fan!

  16. I couldn’t wait to donate to BAF last night! What a gift Clay Aiken is! I had a blast sitting at the computer for 7 hours last night. What celebrity does this?????? Wow.

  17. I LOVE Clay Aiken…enough said!

    Seriously though, what an awesome night – I stayed up WAY into the early hours!

  18. All Clay Aiken’s fans are still talking about his generous gift to them and how much fun they had chatting with him last night. Guess he was back answering questions again today!

  19. Musicfan,

    Thank you for your excellent report of Clay Aiken’s special musical gift and the weekend’s ongoing conversation with his fans. Both are very good reasons for members to renew their membership.

    Have a great weekend!


  20. What a beautiful song, “JUST YOU” is! Clay’s
    interpretation is just powerful!
    Can’t stop listening to it….

    You have our unconditional love, Clay, just you…..from us

  21. What a night..having Clay answering our questions is just so wonderful. How sweet of him to be on for 7 hours..and then if that isn’t enough he gives us this beautiful rendition of Without You. What a good man he is..and I am very proud to be a fan of his.

  22. Last night I spent a wonderful fun evening with a very special man. The smile still hasn’t left my face. We are all so blessed that God has brought Clay into our lives.

  23. I wanted to add that I love Clay’s special gift to us. I was so happy to hear that Clay will be back in the studio to give us more music.

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