Clay Aiken Meets Jack Black

Last week, we featured a poll about Clay’s visits to The Tonight Show.  We had 6 great pictures of Clay for 6 of his visits.  However, his last visit in May, 2008 was missing.

To make up for that omission, today, we will feature the May 12, 2008 visit with Clay Aiken, Jack Black, and Jay Leno.  No words of wisdom, no review………..just enjoy the great pictures.

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Meets Jack Black

  1. Thanks CANN for showing these wonderful pics of Clay on Leno…. He looks wonderful. Isn’t that where he said that he would be singing the long version of “Baby Mine”?
    Little did we know Parker would be born 3 months later… Life is just getting better and better for Clay…


  2. Musicfan,

    I totally enjoyed the rewind of Clay Aiken’s appearance on Jay Leno with Jack Black. I’m a fan of both guests!

    Thank you for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. Have a super weekend!


  3. That appearance was so much fun… I loved Clay hair one of my favorits he looked gorgeous!

    Thank you CANN for the wonderful pictures.

  4. Clay Aiken looked great that night!! He seemed to hit it off with Jack Black too (another one of my favorites).

    Thanks so much!!

  5. Thanks for posting those pictures. What memories!!! Clay Aiken is adorable and he and Jack Black seemed to enjoy their interaction!

  6. Thanks for the revisit of Clay Aiken’s appearance on Leno with Jack Black. I loved his interaction with Jack. Too funny!

  7. He looked so hawt that night. Thanks for the pics.
    I love the JBT clip too. There is simply nothing like Clay Aiken live. *sob*

  8. Ah, the May 12 episode! The episode that made me both a fan and part of the internet fandom, which I found as I was desperately googling for videos of that appearance. Thanks so much for posting the pretty pictures!

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