Clay Aiken -The “Black and Aiken Comedy Team.”



On the 12th of May in 2008,  Clay Aiken visited The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  Along with Jay, Clay had a fun time meeting and talking to the comedian, Jack Black.

As part of his promo tour for his album, “On My Way Here”, Clay had the opportunity to chat with Jay and perform the first single from his album.

Jack Black was the first guest of the evening and stayed on the couch during Clay’s interview.  In fact, Jack and Clay had so much fun talking to each other that Jay declared them the “Black and Aiken comedy team.”

Jay brought up immediately how different Clay’s hair was this visit.  Clay responded by saying that the dark hair made him look older.  He commented that he needed to look younger because his “peers” in the industry were all twelve.

There was a lot of talk about Spamalot and Jack asked if Clay had met any Monty Python people.  Jack seemed impressed that Clay had met Eric Idle.  Clay admitted that as soon as he entered the theater, he started talking with his British accent.

Besides Spamalot, Clay told about being cut by his high school musical and blew a raspberry to the teacher that cut him.  He responded to Jay’s question about superstitions by saying that he was not concerned about that, but learned quickly that “McBeth” should not be spoken in the theater.

Clay sang “On My Way Here” towards the end of the program.  Both Jack and Jay stood at the edge of the stage during the performance and seemed to be enjoying it.

There was a full house and there were many Clay fans in the live audience.  Clay looked good and seemed very relaxed and happy.  It was a wonderful evening and the only thing that would have made it better was more Clay time!!

Unfortunately, NBC removed most of the Videos on You Tube of Clay on the Tonight Show


instead, I am adding a VEVO video of Clay singing.

 I do believe you will enjoy it!

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