Clay Aiken – A Model Judge

Where were you on Wednesday night at 8pm?  Many were in front of the television, waiting for the grand entrance of actor/entertainer, Clay Aiken.  Some fans were in chat rooms, sharing the excitement with their internet friends while others shared the show with their patient family members.  But most of Clay’s fans were right there, ready to see Clay on TV.

Instead of posting a synopsis of the show, I though it would be fun to share some comments from fans who posted their thoughts about the show.  Thanks to all of the fans who gave me permission to quote them.  Each comment put a great spin on the show.

Wow, that was great! During the acting challenge, I could see that Clay had great fun but also did not lose sight of the fact that this was an important challenge for the girls and he seemed to be drawing them out in hopes of getting them to give their best performances. And his judging panel comments were so insightful and caring. Well then of course they would be…it’s Clay. What a great job he did overall. I don’t watch the show normally but it was a complete pleasure. Oh…and I loved hearing him laugh!

I thought Clay was adorable and looked wonderful. My favorite part was when he laid his head on the desk and was cackling. So glad he had the chance to do this. Am I the only person who totally enjoyed the show?

I loved the show.  He was a perfect judge and each comment was fair and thought out.  Did I mention that he is so handsome?

Clay was fantastic…. He is such a kind and compassionate person…Never mean, but gave constructive criticism…never overstepping his boundaries….He is a perfect judge…Someone with a heart and not a hidden agenda… The laugh..well…just cracked me up….I wasn’t expecting Clay to break up…and when he did….I did the same…I just laughed…he just makes me smile…..God love him. This was a great show, and showed what a fair person he is….but honest…But I kind of knew that already!!!!!!!

“My favorite part was the behind the scenes discussion between the judges. Clay was marvelous.”

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG the challenge was just on and I don’t think that I have ever been more excited to see ANYTHING on television!!

I think that Clay had great insight.  He stated his opinion and looked at the entire picture to judge the girls.  He came across as comfortable and confident.  He’s a natural.

I very much enjoyed seeing Clay on TV and what he did, I think he did extremely well. When “acting”, Clay showed his comedic ability and when judging, he showed the man who really cares about people and their feelings. Tonight we saw the Clay we all love …. but not enough of him!

“It was so wonderful to see Clay on my TV again. He just lights up the screen!! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear what he had to say to the girls. Clay is the perfect mentor, having starred in a Broadway play with little acting experience – he needed to learn fast, both acting and dancing – there would have been no room to be hesitant or tentative. Also, having the American Idol background, he understands the pressure of being on a reality television show and how to take what the judges say and put it into practice. My only complaint is he wasn’t on enough!!”

Again, thank you to all the posters above.  Your comments are fun to read and they give a good picture of the fun and excitement that we experience while being a fan of Clay Aiken.

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Model Judge

  1. CANN…Love how you did this…You can certainly see the pattern in all of the comments…..Everyone thought he did a great job. I find Clay to be totally confident and comfortable in his life…and it shows.. He is aging like a fine wine…just getting better and better…. Thanks CANN for letting me be a part of this… It was fun!!!!


  2. Thanks so much for the slideshow and video clip. Clay did a great job last night and he looked fabulous.

    His comments on the Judges Panel were thoughtful and pretty much on the mark.

  3. I really enjoyed the show. And Clay did such a great job! Both in the acting challenge and as a judge.

  4. Clay showed his compassion and yet expertise in judging the models. He is very comfortable in this situation.

  5. Very apt title, “Clay Aiken, A Model Judge”. He is very good judging as we had previously seen at the David Foster Gala in Vancouver. He brings intelligence and experience.

  6. Loved watching Clay’s participation on ANTM. He is articulate, has great instincts about people, is a fine actor with confidence and great timing, and is just plain megatalented. Hope to see more of him on tv in the future.

  7. I so wanted to see more of the acting challenge, The House of Aiken de la Clay seriously cracked me up. What was even funnier was Clay cracking up and having to put his head down on the desk after Ms. Jay’s comment!! Good enough to watch it again on Friday!!

  8. Musicfan,

    Wonderful celebration of Clay Aiken’s appearance on “America’s Next Top Model” Wednesday night!

    Thank you for your excellent coverage. Have a very special weekend!


  9. Thanks for the great coverage of our wonderful Clay’s performance in the acting challenge and as a judge.
    I’ll be watching it again on Friday.

  10. I loved Clay’s acting challenge and judging comments on ANTM!! His laugh at Miss J’s comment has been played over and over again!! Clay did a great job and thank you to Tyra for having him on!

  11. I just adored Clay on ANTM. I loved the acting session: especially when he told Allison: “You do as I tell you, now, walk.” How sexy. But, of course he was a great judge too. He studied each girl’s performance and was spot-on on judging her. I even watched the re-run last night and enjoyed it as much, if not even more.

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