The Aftermath of Judge Clay Aiken

Everything seems to be moving at a slow pace.  If you check the Clay Aiken message boards, the frantic posting has let up, the numbers at Clay’s MySpace page are slowing down and the chat rooms are waiting to be filled.

It had to happen……..afterall, yesterday the ClayNation was very busy.  Clay was on TV.

All joking aside, the fans of Clay Aiken are still celebrating his wonderful role on America’s Next Top Model.  Clay’s acting skills were wonderful and he was a thoughtful and helpful judge.

Clay’s fans were not the only ones who enjoyed his performance on Wednesday night.  The internet was full of positive reviews by both the press and the bloggers.

Below are some quotes and links to some of the interesting reviews.  Most of these sites follow ANTM and were amazed that Clay did such a good job.  And, isn’t that great.  He must have picked up lots of new fans .

E! News is not my favorite site, but they do have a video review of the performance.

ZAP2IT Blog said:   “Clay is totally game, acting up a storm, but only two wannabees rise to the occassion.”  Then they said:  “I have zero vested interest in Clay Aiken, but he was a fine judge.  He really seemed to get it at judge’s table (when he wasn’t cracking up).

You can read the entire article at:  ZAP2IT

Hitfix had a recap of the show.  In it, they say:

“Tomorrow you will molded into a fine piece of Clay,” it says.

You mean Clay AIKEN?! SO excited for this total synergy. I am just shocked it took so long for someone to put these two killer franchises together.

Here is the link to read the entire recap.

Another blog called SheKnows has a great comment about Clay and his visit to ANTM

Clay Aiken on America’s Next Top Model, who would have thought it? And yet, it worked. Clay not only worked with the girls on an acting challenge but he was a pretty decent judge at final panel.

Give them a hit at  SheKnows

mjsbigidolblog is a great place for fair idol reporting.  Their blog on Clay and his performance on ANTM is fun.

Clay Aiken: Normal, Humble and Eloquent on ANTM

Please give this supportive site your hit.   mjsbigidolblog

Finally, ANTM  “Acting Like a Model” is now available on itunes………$1.99  You can purchase it using this link: 

Apple iTunes

This week has been exciting.  We had the anticipation of the television appearance, then the fun of watching Clay on the show and now the thrill of knowing that the general viewing audience fell in love with Clay and his wonderful talents.  We need this every week!!

Let us know how you feel.  It’s always fun to share the excitement.

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6 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Judge Clay Aiken

  1. It is great to hear such positive press…. it’s long overdue…We all know that Clay can do anything he sets his mind to…and do it well…. The media,however seems to be coming around…and are now realizing …hmmm..yes..this Clay Aiken guy is pretty good… We’ve known all along that he can do this…but somehow it’s taken others 6 years to finally see it…??? This is just the beginning, and he is becoming so diversified. Clay just isn’t a singer anymore…He’s a Singer/Actor/Entertainer. He’s got it all…But…again..We knew that!!!!


    p.s. The video would not play for me…cause I’m not in the U.S….

  2. Clay was great on ANTM and it’s great to read all of the positive comments from people who are not really fans. I have a feeling he may have picked up a few new fans since being on the show.

  3. Clay did an amazing job with the girls on ANTM and it’s good to see that the media is finally seeing Clay for the man he is – very talented (save for a few who will never get it).

    Thank you for including the link to mjsbigidolblog. It’s the best AI blog/site I have ever seen – very fair and balanced (unlike others)

    Great job Clay!!!

  4. I hope one day everyone who enjoys Clay can say it without having to preface their statement with ‘I’m not a Clay Aiken fan, BUT…”. It is OK to say the man is talented folks, because he is!!!!

  5. In my book, Clay did an amazing job in the acting session and the judging. He really told it like it is, in the acting. Which proves that he is some good actor. The judging was precise, fair, and even comedic…especially when he had his head down on the desk laughing at a comment by Miss J. I think I’ve played that part 2 million times. LOL!

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