Clay Aiken featured on E-online…Accuracy Not Needed

Some new video of Clay Aiken has been released today by E-Online.  It is fun to see new information about Clay’s performance on TV this week.  However, isn’t it too bad that E seems to forget to check their facts.  According to their site, Clay is, at this time, involved in Spamalot on Broadway.  Hmmmm!!!

If you want to read the entire article click  here.

E has posted two videos and one is new.  It is fun.    Enjoy!!

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21 thoughts on “Clay Aiken featured on E-online…Accuracy Not Needed

  1. I CANNOT WAIT!!! How fun is this going to be??? THANK YOU for putting this clip up!!! Saves me a trip down a road I don’t like to travel

  2. When has E! ever gotten their facts right or ever had anything positive to say about Clay? They are a waste of time and space. Journalism at their best – LOL

    As for the clip – I can’t wait to see this show on Wednesday. It is supposed to be a fun acting challenge and the only ones being judged are the girls. (Some *coughPEOPLEcough* don’t have the smarts to figure that out though. 😉

    Thanks for the clip. This is going to be good.

    • I agree. It’s an acting challenge, not Shakespeare. He did great. I didn’t see anything cringe-worthy about that at all!

  3. Well, as usual, he is just cuter than a bug!!! He knows how to have fun and doesn’t take himself too seriously—one of the many things I LOVE about him!!
    I sure will be watching him this week on ANTM.

    (And, E! didn’t even spell Spamalot right in their so-called article!)

  4. Loved the video…Clay can really act..and I mean good. As far as E goes…why do you think I am coming here to see the video. Figure it out, Ryan Seacrest runs that wonder they’re so negative..and STUPID. Can’t wait for Wed.

  5. Why does E whatever bother to feature Clay in their show when all they do is be rude and disrecpectful? Why not feature and talk about their favorite people? This boggles my mind.
    Anyway, you go Clay! I’ll be watching.

  6. Can’t wait for Wednesday, he’s great in the clips. Mike Nichols knew what he was talking about when he raved about Clays acting abilities.

  7. This is gonna be so much fun to watch…

    Isn’t it wonderful to see Clay again…I just love this man…. As for “E” they suck, they don’t get their facts straight, and are just always cruel to Clay…??? But I am thankful for the clips…


  8. I can’t wait for Wednesday night, I’m even giving up watching Lost to see him. I think this was a lot of fun for him and he looks fantastic. E bug off!!

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