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It’s been another great week of positive news clips of Clay Aiken and his busy life.  To make it easier to see it all, we are posting a few at this time.

A new video of Tyra Banks acceptance speech at the GLAAD Awards surfaced this week.  It shows Clay as he watched Tyra.  The part with Clay is posted here.
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Sacrificial Love……….well, that song was used in an interesting way in a video from Asia.  Who knew!!

We are also posting a short clip of Clay on the Red Carpet at the GLAAD Awards.  This is from the Insider and Clay talks about Parker.
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Our last bit of news today is the March totals for GoodSearch.  I hope that everyone is using this easy search engine to help TBAF.

Month Searches Amount Raised from Searches Amount Raised from Shopping Total
January 16182 $161.82 $9.25 $171.07
February 13970 $139.70 $19.07 $158.77
March 15232 $152.32 $28.88 $181.20
45384 $453.84 $57.20 $511.04
Total: Since Inception 822790 $10,521.59 $782.65 $11,304.24

As we get more pictures, mentions and videos, we will post them here.  It is so nice to get new “Clack”.  Hopefully, we will have a lot this next week.

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – New Videos

  1. Thank you for The Insider snip-it. I hadn’t seen that yet. And it’s nice to see that GoodSearch is still going strong!!

  2. Thanks for the videos! That Sacrificial Love video cracks me up! Great GoodSearch numbers too!!

  3. Oh my, “Sacrifishal Love” is something to see.
    Especially touching are the close-ups of the dead fishies while Clay is singing about wondering if something is “the real thing”. But then, the sight of the two fish lying next to each other on the dock as Clay sings “I see you lying beside me” is pretty funny as well.


  4. From what I read the Japanese choose their music for sound and melody, not for lyrics since they can’t all understand the English lyrics anyway! Good thing since the matching up of lyrics to pictures is rather funny!

    Happy to see Clay using his voice at the GLAAD awards.

  5. Bwah! Ceebee, “Sacrifishal Love”:D

    I am so grateful to have the clack that we do. Thanks so much for posting it here. I hadn’t seen that first clip of Clay watching Tyra during her speech.
    Anytime I see Clay speaking of Parker, I smile.

  6. Musicfan,

    Thank you for all the timely Clay Aiken videos from this week. Also, it’s great to see the GoodSearch totals.

    Thank you, too, for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. Have an awesome week!


  7. Thank you so much for all the videos!

    The one from Asia is so special to me, since I grow up in europe so close to the sea, I loved seeing all that fish. It brings back so many good memories!
    Also love the song SL.

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