Clay Aiken Sings Billboard #1 Hits

Billboard #1 Hits was the theme for American Idol, Season 2’s top 8 show.  The show was aired on April 8, 2003 and each singer had the opportunity to sing a song that had been a #1 hit on the Billboard List.

Ryan Seacrest started the night by introducing the judges and added little tidbits about their history relating to number 1 songs — Randy Jackson produced eight number one songs while Paula Abdul had six number one singles. And Simon Cowell well, according to Ryan, Simon thinks he’s number 1. The guest judge for the night was Lionel Richie.

Lionel said he was a fan of the show, and was looking forward to the opportunity to help out a little. He also stated that he thought that Simon was a bit out of control.  Ryan introduced a short film clip that showed highlights of Lionel’s musical career.

The eight contestants sang the following songs:

1. Clay Aiken- “AT This Moment” (Billy Vera & the Beaters)
2. Kimberley Locke-“My Heart Will Go On” (Celine Dion)
3. Ricky Smith- “Endless Love” (Lionel Richie and Diana Ross)
4. Kimberly Caldwell -“Everything I Do, I Do It For You” (Bryan Adams)
5. Josh Gracin- “Amazed” (Lonestar)
6. Carmen Rasmusen- “Call Me” (Blondie)
7. Trenyce-“Power of Love” (Celine Dion)
8. Ruben Studdard- “Kiss and Say Goodbye” (The Manhattans)

Clay’s performance of “At This Moment” was excellent, but brought interesting remarks from the judges.  Randy didn’t like the song choice, but in a turn of events Simon said: “Well, this show proves that Randy Jackson hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about…because that song was perfect for you…absolutely on-the-money!  Well done.”

Kimberley Locke and Ricky Smith both received OK comments from the judges for their performances.  According to the judges, they were fine but didn’t blow them away.

The eight Idols all participated in a commercial for Nokia phones during this program. They showed Clay sending Ruben a text message that says 919 beats 205.  They also showed Carmen sending a kiss to Clay and him sending one back.

Following the commercial, Kimberly Caldwell was not supported by the judges. They all thought she picked the wrong song for her singing style.  However, the judges were excited about Josh Gracin’s performance and Simon said, “…one of the few artists tonight that picked the right song….well done.”

Carmen and Trenyce were not favorites of the judges for their performances this night.  Simon thought they should both be in the bottom three and all of the judges were disappointed in their song choice.

The last performance of the evening was Ruben Studdard who sang “Kiss and Say Goodbye.”  All of the judges thought it was the performance of the season and suggested that Ruben could teach a master class on performing.

The following night, the results show started with a group performance of Lionel Richie’s song, “All Night Long.”

Kelly Clarkson was a guest on the show and sang her hit, “Miss Independent.”  She was backed by her own dancers and tried to do a bit of dancing during the performance.

The Idol’s participated in a Ford commercial, singing “Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car.”

After the commercial break, the bottom three singers are announced and they were Kimberley Locke, Kimberly Caldwell and Ricky Smith. The eliminated Idol was Ricky Smith.

It was an interesting week and the Idols seemed to be very busy with lots to do.

The following is a video of Clay’s performance.


This is the group medley.


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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Sings Billboard #1 Hits

  1. It’s always wonderful going back and watching again…Loved it!!!!!!

    The judges sometimes just baffle me….they really didn’t seem to make much sense back then…all over the place….??????

    Clay can sing anything….His voice is rich,and pure….


  2. oops i meant 205…

    and did they actually post up photos of themselves from their nokia phone?

    its cool how clay was the one who delivered the message at the end of the clip 😀

    • Camille, 919 & 205 are the area codes for both Raleigh (919) and Birmingham (205). Ruben wore 205 shirts throughout the show.

  3. I just loved the look on Clay’s face after Simon spoke.

    Have always loved that song–still remember it being on Family Ties with Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollen. Have loved it even more since Clay sang it.

  4. I’ve always loved that song. Clay did it sooo good..and I loved the ending. Never could understand those judges…especially Simon..but this time he turned the tables on us.

  5. I just loved At This Moment. It was actually one of my favorite performances – it really showcased Clay’s amazing range.

  6. I loved At This Moment! Clay and Carmen during the group number…flirting and all! Very cute!

  7. i have just recently gotten so much into clay aiken’s video clips during his american idol season 2 days. i could watch it over and over. i enjoy every minute of his performance. Clay is indeed one of the best, if not the best, American Idol has.

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