Clay Aiken – American Idol Numbers

In the world of television, numbers are important. Since American Idol just finished its 8th season, it is important to look at their numbers.  What information will the producers glean from these numbers?   These numbers are really a statement in themselves.

Season # in millions
2 38.00
5 36.38
7 31.66
6 30.74
4 30.27
8 29.00 *
3 28.84
1 22.77

*overnight numbers are tentative

Will all the discussion about the finale of Season 8 affect the results next year??  Will American Idol make some changes??    It will be interesting to watch what happens.

Sources for the numbers are Wikipedia for seasons 1 – 7 and The Associated Press for season 8.

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  1. AI will not change a thing. Their revenues are up and nothing else matters. They may even pimp harder next year in the hopes of creating another controversy.

  2. I love that the 2 times he was in the finale…the best numbers!!! No doubt in my mind Clay Aiken was/is the best!

  3. wow, those numbers are very interesting!!! I have no clue the “why” of it, but my opinion would that people figured they knew what the result was going to be (and many of them were wrong) and just didn’t want to sit through 2 hours of hype.

    I have no clue what AI can do to “fix” it (although the numbers are still incredibly high).

  4. Very interesting numbers. Can’t say I am surprised. AI2 will always be the year that made the show.

  5. #1: AI2 – Clay and Ruben

    #2: AI5 – Clay and Michael Sandeki

    The AI ratings may be going down but their revenues are going up and that’s all they care about.

  6. The numbers don’t lie. It’s right there that nothing so far has compared to Season 2. They’ve tried to re-create it, but they’ve failed miserably.

    Season 2 made American Idol. Even to this day, it’s that season that has always been brought up in articles when talking about AI.

    I don’t think there is anything that AI can do to get that magic back again.

  7. I can see right now that the finales of Season 2 and Season 5 had one thing in common. Clay Aiken. hmmmmmm

    One thing they need to do in bring back the basic and the innocents of the show.

  8. Most of the articles today have mentioned Clay Aiken as an example of a successful runner-up. It’s interesting when there is so much emphasis on Clay when there are others they could mention. Clay has always created buzz–the numbers support that statement.

  9. Oh, yes, their numbers are down. I wonder why? Could be that they are nothing like they started out as? It’s just a show of people who already had quite a bit of experience before they came on AI. As far as, will they change next year? I couldn’t care less…the best thing I could see is that they are no longer on the air.

  10. Well, good. But unfortunately with what I have read and with all of AI’s money, the show isn’t going to go anywhere for a long time. They can drop to rock bottom ##s and it won’t matter. They bring in so much $$ with all of the other things they do, the article I read stated that they will be around for years regardless of the ratings.

    Of course when Clay is on the show the ##s are up. That’s because he is a stahhhh. I love me some Clay Aiken.

  11. Oh, I forgot to say that I also read Clay Aiken’s blog at his fansite. Excellent blog from Clay. Loved it.

  12. Wow, this season was close to it’s first season. I think that some of the “drama” is gone from the show. Seasoned performers are placed next to people who sing in garages and county fairs. The judges give comments are no longer constructive criticism, but biased reviews of who they favor. How much more boring can you get? Now give me a show where everyone is on equal footing and natural talent of an unknown can have a chance to succeed and you have interest.

  13. Yes, Interesting indeed…the highest ratings were when Clay was on….. No matter who they try to bring on the show….it’s Clay that people would love to see again…..

    Thanks for bringing this over…Although I am surprised that this year was really low…..I thought with all the hype of AL, that it would have been higher…I guess it was all hype…..


  14. AI jumped the shark this year. When the judges order the audience to vote for one contestant, they really need to just roll up the rug and go home.

  15. I read that the AI auditions are starting up again. Will be interesting to see if they have learned anything for the next season.

  16. Interesting chart – helps put AI into perspective. It certainly seems that whenever Clay Aiken was involved, the numbers improved.

  17. Interesting numbers. Clay finale #1. Clay finale #2. Ya think Idol would catch a clue? NAHHH! LOL!

  18. The decline in numbers is no surprise to me. I was a huge fan of the show in the first two seasons, but by the third it had started to wear on me. No coincidence that Clay Aiken had a prominent role in the two finales with the highest numbers.

  19. By looking at the numbers, seems to me all AI needs to do is have Clay Aiken on their finale every year to get huge viewership numbers!

  20. Wow, those #’s really tell the story. Clay Aiken’s season #1 and Clay Aiken’s appearance on the finale season #5 is in the #2 spot.

  21. The numbers are declining for AI so maybe they will need to make some changes. The year with Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard was so exciting and then season 5 finale when Clay made an appearance was also a water cooler moment.

  22. Season 2 of AI had the most viewers. Maybe AI should catch a clue and see they can’t creat the magic between Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard.

  23. I’ve come to the conclusion the TPTB @ AI are just dumb as rocks. The numbers speak for themselves & they can’t see it for the $ signs in their eyes.

  24. The numbers do not surprise me at all. The show has lost is true direction and magic long ago. AI just can not get away from the fact that Season 2 will continue to be the top rated AI season of the shows run so far.

  25. AI appears to be losing steam. It’ll never be more exciting than Season 2, when Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard competed for the title.

  26. I’m glad Kris won over the BS the judges were pushing on everyone. And I’m darn glad that AI is losing viewers and steam as people start learning their agenda. They did totally loose the concept of the show.
    Thanks to all involved for all the great videos provided here!

  27. Great idea — get rid of Ryan Seacrest and have Clay Aiken host American Idol. He would do an excellent job and his fans will get to see him lots!!!!!

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