Clay Aiken: Good Morning America

Clay Aiken can almost always count on Good Morning America to support his career.  This is one show that Clay has visited many times, both as a musical guest and an interesting celebrity.

On May 7, 2008, Clay visited GMA one more time.  Clay sang On My Way Here and Ashes and also a “bump”…..a short portion of Invisible to get the crowd going.

Clay Aiken fans lined up early to make it into the studio to see the taping in person.  In the wee hours of the morning, the crowd spotted the band arriving along with Mary, Quiana and Angela.  Clay arrived in a green hoodie and, according to the fans in attendance, he looked very sleepy.

There were 50 fifth graders in the studio for the taping.  They were all well-behaved and many asked for Clay autograph.  In typical “teacher mode,” Clay had them line up and reminding them to go one at a time.

The show was exciting, but too short.  Maybe the next time Clay visits GMA, he can have a bit more time for an interview and more music.

It’s hard to imagine how tired Clay must have been.  Within the last 4 days of this visit, Clay performed his final show in Spamalot, had a CD signing  at the Virgin Megastore and performed on TV.  No wonder he arrived at the studio with a yawn.

The following videos are fan recordings of the GMA appearance.  You can see and here “On My Way Here” and “Ashes.”

Click here to see the videos:



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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken: Good Morning America

  1. Thanks for the great videos….It’s just so hard to believe it’s been a year now…..

    Yes, GMA always seems to support Clay…that was nice to see again…..Thanks CANN.


  2. Wonder why, then, he is NOT on their list for this summer’s appearances? There are still a couple of weeks opened on the list of performers———–we can only cross our fingers and pray that one of them will be filled by Clay!!!

  3. It’s enjoyable to hear Clay sing, no matter what show he is on. I’m happy that he is friends with Diane S and often on GMA. I do wish he could have been on more shows for OMWH and received a little label support for that CD.

  4. He looked & sounded great that day, didn’t he? I love how GMA supports Clay. Hope we’ll be seeing him on their show again “soon” not Clays soon.

  5. I love seeing these old videos again. They bring back good memories. Clay Aiken has a voice that grabs my attention no matter what I’m doing. The first note out of his mouth and my head snaps to attention! I could listen to him all day (and HAVE!)

  6. I just have to say how drop-dead gorgeous Clay looked on his GMA Appearance. That blond hair had me all twitter-pated. What a performer..too bad RCA didn’t see that too. Thanks for the video’s.

  7. It’s nice to see the videos. I like the lighter hair. I doubt that Clay will be on a concert schedule until he has a CD or song to promote. Thats the way its done

  8. Clay Aiken always draws a crowd when he appears on GMA! He’s made some memorable appearances over the years. Can’t wait until he is back on with a new CD to promote!

  9. I was there!! It was my first time at GMA. My friend and I were the first ones in line. He did look a bit sleepy during rehearsals but he immediately perked up once dressed for the show. I took some photos and video. (saved screen caps from the video) You can see them at my Facebook account. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. It was alot of fun!! 🙂

  10. I left that last message (above) from my iphone and I wasn’t logged into my Facebook account. I am now logged in so if you click on my name you will be taken to my Facebook profile page.

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