Clay Aiken Interviewed in Vegas

Clay Aiken was interviewed on Fox News this morning about the David Foster and Friends concert.

The arena at the Mandalay Bay Resort will be the venue for the exciting concert on May 9th, 2009, at 8:00pm.

In the interview, Clay stated that the show is perfect for Las Vegas and that most people will be surprised at the many songs that David has written.

When asked about working with David, Clay said that he was wonderful to work with and that he had a way of making you feel good about what you are doing.

Are you attending the concert?  CANN will be there live so we will try to keep you updated as quickly as possible.

The Fox news interview is below.


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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Interviewed in Vegas

  1. Wonderful interview – David Foster is a legend. This should be a wonderful show for everyone attending!! Have a great time and I look forward to the RED reports!!

  2. Clay looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to see clack from this! I wonder what he is going to sing? EEEEEEEE! I can’t wait!!!

  3. On my way to Vegas in a few hours. Clay? YA LOOKING GOOD! So looking forward to amazing music and Clay singing. Plus, I love to gamble so I am in heaven!!!

  4. Always love his interviews. He’s articulate and says nice things about other people.

    And, DANG, he sure looks great!!

    Hope all who are able to attend have a wonderful time.

  5. Wish I could be there to see the new David Foster show. Clay Aiken continues to wow audiances with his incredable voice and this will be an incredable event to once again showcase David’s wonderful music.

  6. Makes me happy that Clay Aiken is performing at the Mandalay Bay with David Foster and Friends. They are good friends.

  7. David Foster has written so many great songs including one that Clay Aiken wrote the lyrics, “Lover All Alone”. Hopefully Clay will perform that with David.

  8. Clay is so handsome..I just love watching him talk. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what songs Clay will sing. I can’t be there, but will be waiting for any and all clack that we get. I’m sooo excited!!

  9. Clay looks wonderful!! I love hearing his voice, I have missed him so much! As for those twits at the news desk? “The Gokey of his season”?! Are you serious?! Gokey should be sooooo lucky! DG will never be like Clay Aiken. Clay stands alone, above the rest and that was just a lame connection they made.:/ twittards

  10. Great interview! I know the fans going to this concert will have a wonderful time. Those of us who can’t be there will be eagerly waiting for reports. I’m anxious to hear what Clay sings. Whatever it is, I know I’ll love it.

  11. I have NEVER EVER posted this before ANYWHERE, but I gotta do it:


    Bring on the CLACK, ladies!

    For those who are attending, color me green, and enjoy!

    • Im with you. Color me green. I Love Clay Aiken and I’m so HAPPY THAT HE IS WHERE WE CAN SEE AND HEAR HIM AGAIN. What a show with David Foster. Yeah.

  12. Clay looks and sounds wonderful, I can’t wait to hear what he sings! It’s going to be a long day tomorrow.

    For the lucky people who are attending, have a great night.

  13. I love that review…but the announcer saying that Clay is the David Gokey of his way out of line. I just mute the end is so irritating.

    Can’t wait to hear what Clay will sing. I know it will be awesome.

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