Clay Aiken Hits Las Vegas


America’s Song – with thanks to Scarlett

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Thanks to Scarlett for the video!  We’ve also added a slide show.  More to follow as it comes in – so keep checking back!

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We have added a couple of videos from the evening.

This is just a quick report from Las Vegas.  It is very late, but I know you want to know whatever you can about the David Foster and Friends Concert.

The concert started a half hour late, but the place was very full.  There were only two sections that were empty.

David was full of pep and energy.  The show had no intermission and just kept rolling along.

Clay sang a Peter Cetera Medley which included three songs; “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”, “You’re My Inspiration”, and “The Glory of Love.”  He sat on a stool and looked wonderful.  He was dressed in a white shirt with a skinny, black tie, a sport coat and casual pants.  My seat was so far away, I thought they were jeans, but????  I notice that someone else said they were not.  Ah…….the problems of seats at the opposite end of the arena.

I did take some notes on the concert and will try to post more on Sunday.

I hope that we will get lots of pictures. We will try and collect as many as possible and post them so that you can see them here.

All for now…… was so nice to experience the great reception that Clay got from the crowd.



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29 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Hits Las Vegas

  1. Clay looked gorgeous and sounded wonderful! It is so good to hear that voice again! I love him!!!

  2. Love the videos of Clay Aiken and David Foster. Seeing Clay with Heather Headley reminded me of the great duet she and him did on Broadway of CYFTLT.

  3. Thanks for posting the video of the show at the Mandalay Bay of David Foster and Friends featuring Charise and special guest Clay Aiken.

  4. Thanks for posting the videos and the slide show, I can never get enough of Clay Aiken singing/talking. He looked awesome too.

  5. What a terrific night for all of us, but especially those who were there. Clay Aiken in concert, even in just a small way, is wonderful!

  6. Thanks for posting the Clack from last night. I sure wish I could have been there and am so appreciative of the videos and photos.

    I love it when Clay gets invited to special events like this and has the opportunity to share his talents in front of a different audience.

  7. Thanks for the videos of Clay Aiken from Las Vegas. I love getting to see and hear him when I can’t be there myself.

  8. CANN Team,

    Thank you for the recaps, videos, photo slide show, and the fun chat session in connection with Clay Aiken’s performance with David Foster & Friends this weekend!

    Have an awesome new week!


  9. Some of you who’ll read this know me well enough to get my drift here:

    I feel like someone just gave me a teensy-weensy forkful of the most-bestest cheesecake evah, and now I want to eat the whole thing.

    Clay’s still ding-dang yummy, ain’t he?

    Clay? More, please.

  10. Last night was a great show. We had center seats, one section up from the floor. My arm is a little sore today from my daughter grabbing my arm so many times. I wasn’t sure she would like it but I was really wrong.

  11. Wonderful, wonderful vids and as Kielbasa said above (*waves to Kielbasa!!) its like being given the worlds best dessert!!

  12. Thank you to all our clack gatherers for the wonderful pictures and video of Clay Aiken at the David Foster and Friends concert. Also, a big thank you for those bloggers who are so quick to gather the goodies for our viewing pleasure!

  13. With Clay’s the more you see..the more you want. He was fabulous singing the Medley and oh so handsome. The whole show looked like it was just wonderful..including the finale. Thank you for the video’s and the slide show.

  14. The videos from David Foster and Friends are so entertaining. Love seeing Clay Aiken where he should be!!

  15. OMG……..he looked so happy, gorgeous and comfortable. It was so nice seeing him and listening to him sing again. Thanks for posting the YouTubes.

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