Clay Aiken – A Highlight of the Show

Las Vegas, Nevada is a city unlike any other in the world.  It is a city where you can visit, Paris, Venice, New York, Mandalay Bay, New Orleans and Egypt……all within a few miles of each other.

Las Vegas is also a city where there is so much talent that one could go to a different show or event almost every night and never repeat.  Top entertainers perform for years in the city and others come for only a few weeks,  Then there are the stars that come in for only one night and bring a unique and fabulous show to the city.  Last Saturday, “David Foster and Friends” was one of those special one-night experiences.

David Foster brought together one of the most unique and talented group of entertainers one could find anywhere.  The talent spanned many different, unique styles and each was one of the best in their field.

David is like the “energizer bunny”.  He is full of more energy than most people.  Once the program started, he was involved with each act and was constantly adding his own wit and information to the show.  The show lasted 3 hours and David was “on’ the entire time.

A few highlights of the evening were surprises to many of the audience.  Heather Headley was wonderful in her rendition of “Unbreak My Heart” and she brought so much to the finale of the evening.

The audience was introduced to the talent of two dancers from the United Kingdom who showed a remarkable talent that combined dance skills and comedy.

Brian McKnight is a wonderful talent, but including his two boys in one of his songs made for a great family experience.

It was fun to see Paul Anka and Donny Osmond sing “Puppy Love” together and, of course, the visit by Cher made the audience break into applause.

The young Filipino singer, Charice, is like a firecracker.  She obviously loves to perform and seemed at ease during her set towards the end of the concert.  The audience was filled with Charice fans of all ages.  The Filipino community is proud and supportive of this new, young star.

For me, the highlight of the evening was seeing and hearing Clay Aiken back on the stage, doing what he does best……singing.  Performing a Peter Cetera Medley, Clay sounded wonderful and looked comfortable and handsome.  The audience gave Clay a great deal of support and a standing ovation.

An interesting side event of this performance was documented on Amazon on Sunday.  Clay’s rankings of sales of his album, “On My Way Here,” rose from 22,155 to 2,523 in 24 hours.  That’s pretty good for an album that is a year old.

Overall, “David Foster and Friends” was an amazing concert.  If you have the chance, don’t hesitate to attend if it ever comes close to you.

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20 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Highlight of the Show

  1. I was not lucky enough to attend..but from the video’s I have looked like a great show. Clay’s renditions of the Peter Cetera Medley was awesome. He looked so handsome..and I love his hair..the color was so close to his real color too. I hope he keeps it this way for a while. I love the Finale number called America and Clay’s part in it. Wonderful show!!

  2. Thank you to those who attended and provided everyone with video and pictures of this event. It is appreciated. It was so good to hear Clay sing again! Clay looked good, too.

  3. 🙂 thank you musicfan!! Sounds like it was a terrific show!!

    Clay Aiken sounded fantastic and looked happy & like he was having a great time.

  4. Watching the videos of Clay AIken performing again on stage just wet my appetite for a tour. I miss Clay on stage!

  5. Thank you to all who were able to attend! Loved hearing about show and seeing all the beautiful pictures of Clay Aiken!

    I loved hearing him sing~

    Thank you again,

  6. Loved watching the stars perform at the David Foster event at the Mandalay Bay. My favorite star was Clay Aiken, but also enjoyed Charice who will certainly be a big star.

  7. It was enjoyable seeing Heather Headley and Clay Aiken onstage together again. Also Brian McKnight was so fun with his children.

  8. Thanks so much for keeping us informed so that those of us who weren’t lucky enough to be able to attend can still feel part of it!! Clay looks great and sounded wonderful, too, based on the videos we’ve been fortunate to see!

  9. Thanks for the report. Sure wish I could have been there. Grateful that I could see the videos–next best thing to being there. Clay looked and sound wonderful. He belongs on the stage, that’s for sure.

  10. It was nice to hear Clay sing again!
    This guy is having a great time in his life. I’m really glad he is HAPPY!

  11. Loved , loved, loved hearing Clay sing again…..he was also pretty easy on the eyes too!!! wow!

  12. Thanks to people like musicfan, suereu and the talented clack gathers, we all enjoyed Clay’s part of the event.

    What can I say but “Darlin’, it’s time to hit the road again as your ever lovin’ fans are in a serious state of withdrawal.” We can quit smoking, quit drinking, (try to) quit eating so much but we can’t quit longing for Clay….and Clay holds the only Rx for that!

  13. Excellent recap of the evening, Musicfan. I wish I could have been there. It seems that David Foster has him some good friends. I am happy that Clay Aiken is a friend and family member of this talented man. Clay looked and sounded wonderful. I can’t wait for more Clay.

  14. Musicfan,

    Thank you for the first person report on Vegas and Clay Aiken’s performance in last weekend’s “David Foster & Friens” Concert.

    Welcome back. Have a wonderful week!


  15. From all the reports and videos this seemed to be a very entertaining show. I so hope they will have another one closer to where I live. I would give a lot to see Clay Aiken singing up close.

  16. Wonderful recap of the evening. thank you for that musicfan…and it looks like you enjoyed yourself totally.

    It sure was nice seeing Clay back on stage.. We miss him terribly. I feel that once he is completely recovered from his surgery, that he will entertain us all over again…and I cannot wait for that…. There is nothing like Clay in concert… He is just amazing!!!


  17. What a wonderful night with David Foster and “friends”! Clay Aiken was the highlight in my opinion..! I know he sang snippets of songs, but it wet my appetite for a tour! Thank you musicfan! Super recap!

  18. Thanks for the recap. Um, David Foster was involved with each act because each performer was someone whom he had discovered, for whom he had written one or more of their hit songs, and/or with whom he had collaborated on one or more hits. The exception was Clay, who I gather was singing for Peter Cetera (of Earth, Wind, & Fire; David and Peter wrote more than one hit for EW&F — hence the medley). Peter evidently couldn’t make it so Clay sang his portion, which is probably why we got such short notice.

    The reason I think that’s what happened is that Peter Cetera does appear on David’s PBS special “Hit Man”, which was his first Foster&Friends concert — it’s still playing on station KCET (the main PBS affiliate for L.A.), I saw it again just last week…there’s a CD of the audio of that show plus a DVD. That show had Cherise, Kenny G, Josh Grobin, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, Peter Cetera, plus. (Do we all know that David Foster’s biography, called “Hit Man”, was recently published? He has 17 Grammies and has written hits for movies (Chariots of Fire theme, e.g.) as well as for groups and for Barbara Striesand, Whitney H, Celine, EW&F, etc., plus having discovered Kenny G, Celine, Josh, Michael, and now Cerise). Indeed, an incredibly talented man, and it was so nice to hear him call Clay ‘family’ and say ‘I love this guy so much’…

    Anyway, the point of explaining all this is that I’m hoping there will be a DVD/CD of the Vegas show, too!! I saw some professional equip set up in front of us (across from the stage), not big cameras but something, so let’s hope!

    I agree with you all that the tidbit we heard of Clay just made me want a whole lot more of him and That Voice; c’mon, it’s concert time, Clay, honey!!


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