Clay Aiken – Jerome Is Here!

Jerome has been  Clay Aiken’s personal bodyguard  for 6 years.  It is always reassuring to see Jerome taking care of Clay and keeping him safe.

There is no doubt that Clay and Jerome are close friends.  The working relationship would not have lasted so long if they could not trust each other.

Today, lets vote on our favorite picture of Jerome taking care of Clay.  This will be hard, but after you vote, why not share your thoughts with us about why the picture is your favorite.













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    • I like number 3 because for one I was at the concert in the picture and Clay seems to have been playfully taunting Jerome and Jerome is not happy. Hee Hee I think it is kind of funny how he is so comfortable with Jerome that he can taunt him in a fun way.

  1. Jerome is a Lovely Man and I am so grateful to him for taking such good care of Clay. It is so heartwarming to see the obvious affection they have for each other. I hope Jerome will continue to be Clays bodyguard for years to come.

  2. I like #3 because of the look that Clay is giving Jerome and the look Jerome gives Clay back is like “Oh c’mon..” Not quite an eye roll, but enough to be the type of look you’d only give to someone you care about. Not just a bodyguard, but two good friends.

  3. OMG…that was sooo hard to pick! I chose the one of Jerome hugging Clay because it really reflects the love and closeness that they have for each other. I believe Jerome loves Clay like a son and will protect him in the way he would protect any one of his children. My second favorite was the concert one with Clay trying to get Jerome to laugh, and he gives Clay that stern look. Again, kind of like a father son moment with Clay being the mischevious boy!!! Thanks for the great pictures and the fun poll!!

  4. I picked #5 because it shows the spontaneous nature of the affection between Jerome and Clay. There is Clay on stage, and Jerome just gives him a hug!

  5. this was REALLY REALLY HARD!! I love #1, because I loved that bit on Kimmel. I loved #3 – CLASSIC Clay!!! #2 always makes me sad when I see it, so it was out right away 🙁 #4 and #6 show the wonderful working relationship they have. But #5 is right on the money 🙂 so it got my vote. Love and respect – what more is there?

  6. You really needed an “all of the above” choice. I love them all for different reasons. It is great to see such love and respect but to also know Jerome is incredible at his job. Oh I picked #5.

  7. I picked #5 because my favorite photo wasn’t shown. It’s the one at the Hurricanes Skate where Jerome reached out to steady Clay as he went out on the ice.

  8. I love all pictures of Clay and Jerome together. It is hard to pick just one, but #1 is my choice. Loved the look on Jerome’s face…”don’t even try buddy!”

  9. I had to pick #5 also. It was so spontaneous that night that Jerome hugged Clay. No one was expecting it, but it certainly showed everyone the love and respect between the two of them. Clay said Jerome has been with him since AI2. That’s a long time by today’s standards! Jerome seems like family to Clay.

  10. I’m so happy and relieved that Clay has Jerome protecting him. My choice of pics is #1 because Clay looked so unbelievably darling that day….and I was there!

  11. I love ALL the pictures for different reasons, but I chose No. 5 because it shows the affection between Jerome and Clay. I am so thankful Jerome is there to protect Clay.

  12. I just had to pick #5, because it just shows the real friendship between Clay and Jerome. I am so very glad he has Jerome to watch over him.

  13. That was a hard choice! I LOVE seeing Jerome around OMC!!!!!!! I know he’s safe when Jerome is there.

  14. I picked #5 because like a lot of others have already said, it really shows just how close Jerome and Clay really are. I too am so thankful that A great person like Jerome is guarding our guy’s precious life. Clay is way too special to trust just anyone to protect him.

  15. Definitely a hard choice. A part of me wanted to pick #2 just because Jerome was so quick to get Clay out of a bad situation, but I just had to go with #5 because it looks like Clay is being hugged by a big bear! I love the genuine respect and friendship the two of them share!!

  16. Every single picture was more than vote-worthy, but I chose #5 because it sows the obvious affection that they have for one another. Guarding Clay is not just a job for Jerome, I believe. I’m sure he’s a best friend, surrogate dad, conficant and a host of other things we can’t even begin to imagine. I <3 Jerome a bunch!

  17. I voted for #5 as well. Just the look on Clay’s face says it all! He was surprised! What a wonderful man Jerome is.

  18. ANY photo with Jerome in it is a welcome sight. It means Clay is safe. Loved #5 because it is clear they are very close.

  19. All are great pictures. #3 is funniest. #5 awww… oozing sweetness and honesty. It would be nice to know what prompted that bear hug. Looks like many good memories and friendship went into that one hug. Usually Clay’s the one giving the big hugs but this time he’s got one back.

  20. I was there for #5 in Greenville. It was such a special moment to witness. Clay was so surprised when Jerome reached down and grabbed him in a hug. They are so close and you can see it every time Jerome is around him. Thanks again for these fun games you do for all of us with BF.

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