Clay Aiken – Do You Know David Foster?

If you are a fan of music, you have probably heard the name David Foster. If you are a fan of Clay Aiken, you probably know that Clay and David are friends, colleagues and family.  But, do you know all about David Foster? He has built an incredible musical career over the last 40 years.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia David became engrossed at age five, in playing the piano.  Just eight years later he enrolled in the University of Washington’s music program. At 16, he joined Chuck Berry’s back-up band.  Soon, he was asked to join Cat Stevens for a tour around the world, but decided to turn it down because he was homesick.

In 1971, David relocated to Los Angeles with his group “Skylark”.  The group was a one-hit wonder when their song “Wildflower” became a hit.  It wasn’t long before David became a sought-after sessions keyboardist.  He appeared on many recordings from stars like Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Rod Stewart and John Lennon.

In 1976, Foster started his production career, writing and producing songs for many well-known musical artists.  In 1979, he earned his first Grammy Award for writing “After the Love Has Gone” for Earth,Wind and Fire.

According to David’s website, “he… has won fifteen Grammy Awards (three for producer of the year) and has been nominated a total of forty-three times. He has been nominated three times for an Academy Award for Best Song and won the 1999 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for the song “The Prayer” from the film Quest for Camelot sung by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. He has been named BMI’s Songwriter of the Year.”

In 1995, Foster became the recipient of the Order of British Columbia, the highest honor awarded in his native province of British Columbia. Foster became an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2006.

Many people feel that Foster’s greatest gift to the world is his ability to recognize and nurture new singing talent. Celine Dion was a French-Canadian child prodigy who didn’t start learning English until she was 18. The Corrs is an Irish family band and Josh Groban was a 17-year-old LA kid whom Foster first heard on a tape sent by a voice coach.  Michael Buble was the son of a Canadian fisherman who was fond of “forties stuff.”

Although David has a highly commercial artist roster, he is not always a favorite of the “hip” group, including many music critics.  He is not interested in music snobs and continues to produce popular music for the “everyman.” Foster admits that his appeal is his romantic music, and he knows it will never lose its appeal. He realizes that he will never be a rocker.  Foster says  “I can only be who I am, and who I am is a guy who writes music that people make babies to — and I’m not going to apologize for it.”

The list of musical superstars that have worked with David Foster is pages long.  Just a few of the names are: Chicago, Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Neil Diamond, Anne Murray, Kenny Loggins, Kenny Rogers, and MANY more.

David has written and produced many movie soundtracks.  Perhaps one of the best known is The Bodyguard, but there are so many.  Do you remember the music to Sleepless in Seattle? Or Made in America? Or St. Elmo’s Fire?

David’s personal life has not been easy.  He has 3 failed marriages, but is very proud of his five daughters who he feels have turned out all right.  He is claustrophobic and would rather walk up 20 flights of stairs than get in an elevator.  He also admits to being a workaholic.

In the 40 years of David’s professional career, he looks back with fond memories of all the exciting and unusual things that he has experienced.  He jokes that he remembers it all because he never got into the drug scene that has hurt so many musicians.

In 1986, David Foster established the David Foster Foundation.  The purpose of the foundation is to assist families with children in need of organ transplants.  The foundation has raised millions of dollars.  David spends much of his free time visiting the families at the hospitals in Western Canada.

David has a lot to be proud of in his life.  One can only hope that he will continue to find new talent and produce and write many more hits.

The following are two videos to enjoy.  David is certainly a talented and successful man.

Click here to see videos:

Unchained Melody by Clay Aiken and David Foster


Interview With David Foster


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23 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Do You Know David Foster?

  1. Another well written informative article. Great job.

    The first time I went looking for information to find out who David Foster was I ran across a list of his songs. I was amazed at how many of them I knew and liked.

    If 'Lover All Alone' is an indication of what Clay and David can accomplish together I think we've only scratched the surface. Even though I can't be at the May 9th Mandalay show I'm looking forward to hearing about if from the lucky ones who do get to be there.

  2. Wonderful article on David… He’s a top notch guy. When I think of David…I think of a Class-act…

    Loved the video of Clay singing Unchained Melody, and I really enjoyed the video of David talking about his life and career. He’s got it all together… Figured out what is important in this life…hmmm….sounds like someone else we know….

    Thanks CANN again for keeping us all up-to-date on things that are involved in Clay’s life… It’s so interesting…


  3. Very interesting and informative article about David Foster. He definitely knows the business and his place in it. He’s said on several occasions how much he like’s Clay’s voice. Will he and Clay ever work together? Time will tell.

  4. That is my all time favorite performance of Unchained Melody, but anyone 🙂

    Clay Aiken & David Foster have a lot in common, most notably that they make the music they want to make on their own terms. Neither are selling out for the “sound du jour” hitting the radio at the moment. That is so admirable.

    Thank you for the informative article!!

  5. Thank you for this article, I learned a lot about David Foster which I never knew. No wonder he and Clay have such a close relationship because they both have a lot in common and care about children. I hope they get to work together professionally.

  6. Very interesting info on David Foster.
    I also hope we get more videos of Clay Aiken singing from the LV David Foster concert this May 9th.

  7. Musicfan,

    Excellent, informative blog about David Foster that fills in a lot of blanks. Like most fans, I have come to know and appreciate him as Clay Aiken’s colleague and family member.

    Thank you for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. Have an awesome weekend!


  8. Thanks for all the great information on David Foster. I love Clay Aiken’s association with the Foster family. Can’t wait to see what they collaborate on for his upcoming appearance with DF in Las Vegas!!

  9. David Foster is an amazingly talented musician and he and Clay Aiken work so well together. Glad Clay is singing at the DF function.

  10. Thanks for the videos of Clay Aiken and David Foster. Happy Clay will be performing in Vegas with David’s show.

  11. David Foster and Clay Aiken together can only mean one thing….Great Music!!!! Thanks for all the info!! I cant wait to hear what they have in store for the Vegas show!

  12. Thanks for the great videos. Clay Aiken and David Foster both have love for children and a strong desire to help. I would love it if they work together again. Lover All Alone is beautiful!

  13. I love Clay’s rendition of Unchained Melody. He puts such passion & feeling into it!! David & Clay are a good team!!

  14. Great article. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know.

    I’d love for David to be Clay’s next producer. I feel that David gets Clay and Clay needs someone who understands who he is.

  15. That was a great article- I learned so much about David. I had no idea he had done the music for movies. I also knew he had won Grammy’s but did not know he had had so many nominations. I love the music he likes also.
    It sounds like he does music he likes and does not worry about critics-good for him. I loved when Clay did Unchainded Melody with him-marvelous!

  16. I’ve been a David Foster fan for 20 years – I acutally met him years ago. What a man! Love him and will be at his show next week in Vegas.

  17. That is my all-time favorite rendition of Unchained Melody. Thanks for posting the video!
    I’m eagerly looking forward to May 9th, when Clay will perform at David Foster’s show in Las Vegas. They are both amazingly talented!

  18. As a fan of David Foster’s ever since “Wildflower”, and an ever bigger fan of Clay Aiken’s since 2003, my wish is for them to work together..a lot!

  19. Loved the interview with David Foster. He is truly an accomplished producer and song writer. I loved that rendition of Clay singing Unchained Melody, he does it so beautifully. Can’t wait for Clay to be on his show on May 9. I won’t be able to attend, but I hope we get some good clack.

  20. Clay’s appearance at DF’s gala in 2006 was amazing. That was when I began to get the feeling that their is mutual respect between the two men. The show next week will be great. I only wish I could be there.

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