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American Idol – Season 2……….. As part of the audience, we sat through lots of awful songs, singers and performers, we endured the comments of the judges, and we tried to laugh at Ryan Seacrest.  But it was all worth it because we were introduced to the Real American Idol, Clay Aiken.

Behind the scenes, many crazy things were asked of the contestants.  One of the silliest was the interviews with the Jaded Journalist.  These interviews were taped and put on the official web site for American Idol.  The best part of the interviews was the “snark” that Clay gave right back to the interviewer.  That made the interviews a lot of fun.

Two of the interviews are below……….crazy guy, but Clay is great!!



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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Jaded Journalist

  1. Those interviews between Clay Aiken and the Jaded Journalist were funny and certainly brought out the snarky side of Clay.

  2. Yeah, I guess you might say they were funny. But, to me, they seemed rather rude. But, Clay did get back at him quite a few times.

  3. LOL, when I first saw these, a few months after the fact, I was tickled pink at the quick retorts Clay Aiken gave back to Jaded J.

  4. Musicfan,

    There is nothing like Clay Aiken snark — unless he’s singing to his fans. Thnx for the rewind!

    Have a great week. All the best to your charge on crutches!


  5. I have never seen these before. I don’t quite understand the Jaded Journalist thing. I am glad that Clay can hold his own though.

  6. It was nice seeing these again…but really…I wonder what the point of it was??? Did we ever find out who was doing the interviewing????

    Clay is sharp, and can always dish it back…


  7. These interviews always made me a little uncomfortable. I love that Clay can give as good as he gets, but I always got the feeling that there was no love lost between him and the interviewer.

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