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Congratulations to Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel!!  Today, the following press announcement was posted on the Official Fan Club!

Bubel/Aiken becomes National Inclusion Project

We are so proud to launch the National Inclusion Project. As our foundation grows, so does its impact. In order to better reach the ever growing goals we have for this foundation, we felt that a new name would better suit our position as a national leader on inclusion as well as recognize the Foundation’s start and the efforts of its faithful supporters.

The National Inclusion Project is poised to continue to make an impact with thousands of children nationwide as well as raise the national consciousness about the need for and benefits of inclusion. We are excited beyond measure to see Clay’s original “project” become one that so many people have invested time, energy, and dollars in to see doors opened for children who may have never gotten the opportunity to participate in life the way their peers do. The National Inclusion Project is moving forward hand-in-hand with supporters, families, program providers, and other advocates to see the vision of full inclusion nationwide become a reality. Please join us in our push to make a difference in communities all over the country.

For all of us that have watched a dream become a reality, today is real celebration.  We all look forward to more and more exciting information from the National Inclusion Project, a real leader for inclusion.  For more information, be sure and visit the National Inclusion Project.

Clay also blogged at the OFC.  He seems so excited about this project!!

For even more information visit:  clayaikenjourney

This is a great  announcement from Clay!


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38 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – National Inclusion Project

  1. Congratulations to Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel and all the people who tirelessly have worked for BAF to become a reality 6 years ago. Now it has a brand new name and website and it appears lots of support from big universities. I am so happy for everyone there are NIP!

  2. This is great news. The website is BEAUTIFUL. I am looking forward to the Gala and the honorees. Inclusion is such an important cause to work for!

  3. Indeed a fabulous new name…

    Not long ago, an idealist young man stated he wished to have the influence to make a difference…it’s been an amazing journey ‘on his way here’

    So glad to be his fan and companion for the trip…

  4. What a beautiful new website to go with the new name of Clay Aiken’s foundation.

    He talks the talk and walks the walk for inclusion, making a difference in the lives of others just as he said he wanted to do six years ago. I am so proud of this man and so very happy to call myself a fan.

  5. The National Inclusion Project continues the great work that BAF started 6 years ago. The name may have changed but the direction is the same. Congratulations to everyone that makes NIP the great charity it has become.

  6. I am so proud of Clay Aiken. He knows what is important in life. Thank you for getting this on-line quickly. Do you think that ANY news sites will post this positive news?? eh……..probably not!!

  7. If Clay Aiken never does another thing with his life, this would still be a legacy worthy of his life. Congratulations to Clay and Diane for realizing this dream, with the help of all who have made this a reality.

  8. congratulation to Clay Aiken and the National Inclusion Project.
    For the past 4 years I and my friends have raised money for BAF and hope to be doing so again this year.

  9. Nice article, it will be difficult to remember that it isn’t called the BAF anymore. Clay and Diane should be proud of the work they have accomplished.

  10. I am so happy for Clay Aiken and all that his charity has accomplished. Thanks for posting this blog musicfan.

  11. I love the new name. I think it will bring new contributors in when they realize, from the title, just what this wonderful charity is set out to accomplish. May you have great good fortune NIP!

  12. The name has been changed, but the players are the same. Congratulations to Clay and Diane!

    Hope this year is a fruitful and prosperous one for NIP.

  13. What an exciting event for Clay, Diane and the entire foundation family. All this is 6 years!! AMAZING!!!

    Thank you, CANN, for posting this wonderful news. We need to let everyone know about this positive news!!

  14. Today is a perfect example of why I love Clay Aiken. He has changed the lives of so many children!!

    I love the new name and the new site is so professional.

    And, Musicfan……..thank you for posting this announcement so quickly. I knew we could count on you!!

  15. Wonderful news!! Congratulations to Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel for creating this incredible organization and guiding it so thoughtfully and purposefully these last six years!!

  16. How wonderful that the name is now officially announced…..

    I think the new name will have the ability to reach even more people…because of the purpose right in the name…you know right off the bat, it is for Inclusion…Smart move..

    I sometimes wonder if Clay ever invisioned his foundation growing as well as it has…. He and Diane should be ever so proud….Helping kids…is the best thing you can do…

    I am so proud of Clay…he always said he wanted to make a difference, and he sure has….

    Thank you CANN for bringing this over so fast…it’s great!!!


  17. I am so happy with Clay’s announcement today. The foundation has grown so fast in just a short few years. The new name will allow others to immediately realize their purpose and what their goal is. Clay should be very proud of the number of children the foundation has serviced and will continue to service under the new name.
    I am certainly proud of Clay and all the others on staff at the foundation-what a wonderful job they are doing!

  18. I am very proud of Clay, Diane and the rest of the team for establishing this fine Foundation. The new name National Inclusion Project immediately lets you know the work they will set out to do. It is so wonderful to see how much it has grown in just 6 years. When Clay first started out he said he wanted to make a difference…and he certainly has. Congratulations!

  19. I’m so happy to hear this wonderful news from Clay Aiken! Congratulations to Clay and all involved! I am so proud of this man.

  20. Thanks for getting this up so quickly! What a great new name, and how wonderful that Clay is still working tirelessly to make a difference. 🙂

  21. It’s wonderful to see Clay’s enthusiasm for his foundation. He, Diane and his team have done a wonderful job in such a short time. Clay Aiken never forgets to thank his fans for all their help!

  22. It was wise to rename the foundation to reflect it’s special mission. I hope the foundation continues to thrive under it’s new name.

  23. I LOVE the new name! Who knows, maybe one day, people will shake their head in disbelief that children were ever turned away from participating in activities with others!

  24. What an amazing accomplishment Clay has done in 6 years. A new name, an expanding horizon to reach for now. Congratulations to Clay and Diane!!! And thanks for this great site too!

  25. I am filled with awe for all that Clay and Diane have accomplished in such a relatively short time and also with the support he has received from his fans.

    May the National Inclusion Project live forever!

  26. Who would have thought that Clay’s words ” I want to make a difference” would bring us to this day. He truly is a man of his word. The past 6 years have shown astronomical growth for” The National Inclusion Project”. Just read all the organizations they are partnered with. WOW!Impressive!! He & Diane must be so proud! I’m proud to be a fan of this truly talented individual & even more proud of his giving heart.

  27. Thanks CANN for bringing us this wonderful news. The new site for “The National Inclusion Project” is very informative, I love the small video showing the children interacting, playing together and enjoying new friendships that will last a lifetime. What wonderful insite Clay and Diane had to pursue this “project” and get it off the ground flying. The future of all children will benefit because of these two people giving of themselves tirelessly to bring awareness to inclusion. Bravo Clay and Diane and I’m so proud to be a fan.

  28. Congratulations to Clay Aiken, Diane Bubel, and everyone who has worked so tirelessly and selflessly to achieve a young man’s vision of inclusion! They have accomplished so much already. I hope the foundation continues to grow and someday inclusion will be a reality for everyone!

    I’m proud to be a fan of Clay Aiken!

  29. I have been a passionate supporter of Clay and his interests since 2004. To help support NIP I am holding a Fund Raiser Dinner in my home. If you are from the South Central PA area and would like to attend you can contact me at This is just one of the ways I am trying to support NIP. Thanks for your interest and continued support of Clay and his passions.

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