Clay Aiken – Never Takes Himself Too Seriously!

Clay Aiken was brought into the limelight by performing on a reality TV show called American Idol.  Week after week, Clay stood up and sang to millions of people all over the world.

Being a Reality show, the producers of American Idol tried to give the personal side of each Idol to the public.  Because of this, many of Clay’s fans thought they knew all about him when the show was over.  But, on October 9, 2003, fans were introduced to some of the true personal sides of Clay Aiken.

Primetime presented a 20 minute interview with Clay Aiken.  Diane Sawyer discussed a wide range of topics with Clay, including American Idol, his biological father, Vernon, his half-sister, Deb, his name change, his faults and his future.

In the interview on ABC, Clay said he had never taken himself too seriously, even during his run on American Idol.

“In my case, triumph of the nerds….  It was a great moment for that show. It was really an opportunity for them to have to eat their words. Simon didn’t know exactly what to crack on, and the media didn’t know exactly what it was about me that made me look weird. So I said, ‘Well, let’s give them something.’ “

Diane asked Clay about Vernon, his biological father.  Clay revealed that he was most hurt when his father called him a mistake.  He also told Diane that his father had not called him for years, yet he called the publication, The Star, to talk about his son.

After watching the show, the reactions of the fans seemed to be very positive.  Many commented that they just wanted to give Clay a hug.  Others agreed that Clay was presented as a strong man who was comfortable enough to show his vulnerable side.  Many fans were amazed that Clay had been able to overcome so much pain in his life.

It was interesting to watch the interview at this time.  I still saw a strong man who overcame so much, but I also understood so much more than I did the first time I watched it.

The interview has been put into two videos.  I hope you have the time to watch them.  It’s another thing that will make you proud of Clay Aiken and the way he lives his life.



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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Never Takes Himself Too Seriously!

  1. I remember the excitement of waiting for the interview to air! This was an amazing interview which really showed the viewers a side of Clay they'd not seen before. There was a vulnerability and a strength that he showed that day that continues to this day. I remember him saying something about not knowing what would happen for an American Idol contestant in the future. I wonder if Clay ever imagined back then just how much success he would have and how much he would be loved by his fans to this day! I could watch this interview over and over….thanks for bringing it back to our attention!

  2. Despite the obstacles Clay Aiken has faced in his young life, he has persevered and is finding a happy, well adjusted life. Few have had to face indifference and hate that he has and still be a positive person.

  3. I have to say that you guys do a terrific job with this blog. Re-visiting the past like you sometimes do allows new fans just discovering Clay to learn about more about him. .

    I remember that interview. PaulaBear said it better than I could: "There was a vulnerability and a strength that he showed that day that continues to this day."

    Diane Sawyer came across as a bit fan-girlie there, but now 6 years and many other interviews later, she and Clay are good friends. That says a lot about the kind of man Clay is.

    • That's so true, I'm a new fan and I've done nothing but listen to Clay for the best part of the year. This blog is awesome, its taught me so much!! xx

  4. When he mentioned the part about the "indifference" he felt about Vernon, I remember Clay saying that he thought about him when he sang Solitare. That interview touched my heart that day and I felt because of the hurt he endured as a child he built a wall around himself so no one else would hurt him again.

  5. Watching that video..brought a tear to my eye. But, in spite of the indifference of his father..Clay has turned out to be one heck of a man. He has had so much perseverance that he has been a big success, in spite of all the hurtles that he has come up against. I love how after 6 years he is still the best of friends with Diane Sawyer. In my book, he is The Measure Of a Man….a very fine man!

  6. What a difference 6 years have made, I loved him on AI and I love him MORE now,if that's possible. He is a fine man. And I always loved Solitaire before he sang it, even more once he sang and recorded it and then EVEN MORE once he said it was about his father. Wow. Just an amazing man, Clay Aiken, is. Thank you for the walk back in time.

  7. Thanks so much for bring back the Prime Time interview, it's my all time favorite. He was so honest and vulnerable. I believe Diane was right when she told him she didn't believe he had a thick skin. I think Clay can be very deeply hurt, yet doesn't want anyone to know it.

  8. I absolutely loved watching these videos again…..

    How difficult it must have been for him doing these interviews, in light of everything that has happened to him…..My heart just wants to reach out and save him from any more hatred.

    What is so amazing is that Diane and Clay are good friends to this day….and as Sandi said….this says alot about Clay….He keeps his friends…and I do believe this says alot about his character……

    Thanks CANN for showing these again…..I loved watching it all over again.


  9. Thanks so much for this site and for showing this interview. One of my favorites. He touched my heart on the show and this interview showed me what a strong, intelligent, heartfelt person he is. I agree with others, such a shame he has had to endure so much hatred from the press and people on the internet. I am sure we have only seen the beginning of this mans worth.

  10. I had not watched this video in so long. I remembered when it aired. I was so touched by him and all he had gone through in his life. He could have been bitter about the way he had been treated but he was not. He has made such a positive change in so many areas ,especially regarding children's issues. He is certainly a man of integrity. I am a proud fan of this remarkable man.

  11. I've seen this before but it brings new meaning, watching these videos together with everyone here and reading the article and comments. That is what's so great about CANN. Thanks.

  12. Another fabulous memory of charismatic Clay. I've been waiting for Clay to finish the song he sang a few bars of for Diane all these years 🙂

  13. Ill never forget this interview by Clay with Diane and all that he let us know about him. Ive watched it many times over. What a beautiful person he is and so strong after enduring all these adversities. The man has charisma written al over him.

  14. Those videos break my heart! Clay has endured much pain in this lifetime and through it all he has became quite a man. He is quite amazing and I love him!

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