Clay Aiken – Tonight, Tonight!

It was Monday night, October 13, 2003.  It was just like any other Monday night, but, wait…….this was a very different Monday night!  Clay Aiken was making his debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

It was the night before Clay’s first CD was released and Clay stopped by the show as part of the promotion for “Measure Of A Man.”

It was obvious that Jay was amazed at the crowd that was there just to see Clay.  From the beginning of the show to the very end, Clay’s name was used to get the crowd excited. Jay commented more than once that there were many fans that spent the night outside of the studio so that they would be able to see the taping of the show.

Many of the fans seemed in the studio and at home, watching on TV were anxious for Clay to appear.  They sat through an interview with comedian, Wanda Sykes, but began to lose patience when the “bird lady” seemed to take for ever!!

Clay Aiken performed “Invisible” and even added some new dance moves to the performance.  Afterwards, he talked with Jay before a screaming crowd.  Jay told Clay about the overnight crowd of fans and even got Clay to turn his feet around.

After the taping, Clay went directly to the airport to catch a plane to New York for more promotional appearances.  But, Clay did make a short detour to wave at his fans who were attending a release party in the area.  He didn’t have time to stop, but the fans saw his wave as he drove by.   It certainly made the party guests happy and excited!!

Did you watch the show that night?  I did and remember being very excited to see Clay seemingly so relaxed and professional.

I hope you enjoy the video that shows both Clay’s musical performance and his first Leno interview.


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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Tonight, Tonight!

  1. Loved watching this again…

    Gosh..I remember the evening so well…people were pumped for Clay to be on Leno……….and of course the anticipation of Measure of a Man….It was so much fun….Hard to believe it's been 6 years now…. I gotta tell you…it's been the best 6 years ever…..I just love being a Clay fan…..and the friendships made…it's just the best……

    Thanks for this CANN….It was really nice to watch again.


  2. I'll never forget that night. He was and still is so entertaining and I can't wait to see him again especially in concert! I need to hear that voice.

  3. I did see the Leno show with Clay Aiken that night. He was sooo young, and now he is going to have another phase of his career.

  4. I loved watching that video again. What a cutie..singing Invisible…and sooo young. Oh, my, how does he turn those feet backwards. OUCH!! Get a load of all those girls screaming for Clay. Looks like things haven't changed in that respect. Can't wait to hear him in concert again…and I am waiting in anticipation for his new CD.

  5. I just love this! Clay is so young here. We know how long Jay Leno has been around and Clay looked like a professional. He looked excited and very comfortable. His voice and his moves were amazing! Just wonderful! Thanks!!

  6. Clay on Leno! How well I remember the waiting for that show, then the bird lady's never ending chatter, it seemed like hours. Finally there was Clay..just as natural and funny like he was an old hand at being a guest star…because he is a born star!

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