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In 2006, Megan Mullally made her debut as a Talk-Show host.  Megan is a talented actress and a wonderful singer, but she was not exactly the best talk show host around.  Her show was short-lived.

Megan did have some wonderful guests during the run of her show.  Clay Aiken visited the Megan Mullally show on November 2, 2006.    Clay was the main guest of the show.  He and Megan performed an AI skit together.  In a casual manner the two of them chatted about the many times that Megan and Clay had worked together.  Megan had been a guest on Clay’s Christmas special and they had also worked together on Saturday Night Live.  They also talked about Clay’s friends from American Idol and even talked about Clay’s grandmother cooking on TV.  Clay performed “A Thousand Days”  with his usual band and back-up singers.

The fans who were lucky enough to be in the studio audience for the taping of the show thought that the best part of the show was not seen on TV. Some of the fans reported that one of the greatest things about Clay’s appearance on this show was that it was very close to seeing Clay in concert.  When the cameras were off, Clay chatted with the audience and cracked jokes.  Before he sang, he asked the audience to applaud and scream over the high note to cover him as he wasn’t sure he could reach the note!

Clay looked relaxed and happy on this TV appearance and it was a great day for the fans in the studio and the fans at home who watched on TV.

While trying to get videos up on this performance, I noticed that most of the m had been disabled.  The one that I have added is not the entire show, but it does show how relaxed and handsome Clay was while chatting with Megan.


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  1. I remember watching this show, and I absolutely loved the clip of Clay with the audience.

    He is so funny, and it seems that Megan really enjoyed having him on the show….It's never dull with Clay Aiken.

    Thanks again Musicfan for the trip down memory lane..


  2. That was sooo cute! It's fun reliving these special anniversary dates of Clay's! Thanks for making them available to us. I love visiting your site.

  3. This was so much fun, watching Clay and Megan. I loved his look, he looked relaxed and was having fun.

  4. Thank you Musicfan! I don't believe I saw this before so it was new to me. I don't know how I missed it but obviously somehow I did. Of course I've already made my visit to CU to d/l whatever they had.

    How nice to have a "new" Clay appearance at this time. And for the rest of you, remember everything old is new again. Thank you again.

  5. Thanks so much! I loved that appearance and hadn't seen it in a long time.

    I think Megan Mullally is definitely a Claymate!

  6. Thanks for showing that clip again. I so remember how she called Clay a Rock God and I think the name stuck with the Claymates for quite a while. Loved when he would move his hands and everybody would stop clapping. Very funny!

  7. I loved the appearance with Megan Mullally so much fun,… and did watched at the time .

    THanks for showing this video's been a long time that I hadn't seen it.

    Miss Clay on my TV!

  8. Thanks for this Musicfan. I was in the audience at that show and it was wonderful!
    Shortly after this show was filmed I saw Megan on a morning LA talk show. She talked about
    how nice it was to really get to know some of her guests. She said Clay Aiken was (is) a wonderful
    person. I think Megan was truly a Clay fan after his appearance on her show.


  9. I remember this so well. My friend and I traveled all the way from NC to see Clay on Megan's show. We waited in line for hours that morning, but the line to get in was cutoff about 10 people in front of us, so we didn't get in to see the Clay 🙁 But we met some really nice people while waiting. We esp. felt bad for a young girl in high school that came by herself and had never seen Clay in person!! I remember her telling us how she loved Clay and all her friends made fun of her, so it was fun hanging out with us. Oh well, the memories are still good! Can't wait for more!

    • Lala I'm so sorry you traveled all that way and weren't able to get into Megan's show. As I recall
      I was in line for more than 5 hours. I think I was near the front of the line. I'm glad you were able to connect with the high school gal.

      I can't wait for more either!

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