Clay Aiken – Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

I was reminded the other day that at this time last year, Clay Aiken was on stage at the Shubert Theater, starring in Spamalot.  I was lucky enough to see more than one production of Spamalot and even ended up being the Peasant one night.

The part of Sir Robin was a perfect fit for Clay and showed not only his wonderful voice, but his comedic talent and his strong acting abilities.    Watching Clay made the audience happy.  Hopefully, Clay and the entire cast picked up on this and enjoyed the performances too.

I found  a great video of Clay in Spamalot.  The person who made the video was able to combine the scenes that were available to the public and the end result is amazing.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Did you see Clay in Spamalot?  If so, what was your favorite scene?


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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

  1. Spamalot music seemed like such fun music to sing. Clay probably enjoyed it all, I know we did! Thanks for the review and the video. It was fun to watch.

  2. My friends and I traveled from west coast to see Clay in Spamalot, and let me tell you it was just wonderful, Clay Aiken was really really funny…If he is ever in another Broadway show I will be ther in a heart beat.

  3. Yes, I got to see it and my favorite part was the guard scene, the ififif um, ififif um and also the one where he is braiding the ribbons. I thought I would split a seam from laughing so hard. I loved watching this video. ahhh the memories. Clay Aiken was meant for that part and I'd go see him again if he does another show.

  4. Those were the best days when Clay was in Spamalot. Unfortunately, I could not attend..but, I never missed any of the clack…and have plenty of it d/l so I can watch it whenever I want. Clay was awesome as Sir Robin in Spamalot. I'll bet they'd die to get him in another Broadway Play. But, first, he has to tour for us…for quite a few years. Thank you for that video..I enjoyed it very much. Clay was so gorgeous in the white tuxedo…and he sure did draw in the crowds to the Schubert Alley.

  5. Loved the video of Spamalot…. thank you so much….

    I was fortunate enought to travel to NYC twice to see Clay..once in April, and then again last November….saw the show 5 times, and just loved it… My favourite Clay Aiken part (this is really hard to pick…cause I loved it all) but the drunken guard, was just hilarious…his timing is so good… I remember having tears in my eyes from laughing so much…. this brings back so many great memories….


  6. I'm so glad I was able to see Spam2 on re-opening weekend and then again when it closed in january of this year. Clay Aiken was a charmer! Such a fun show (whcih i had seen years ago at the Shubert)

  7. I cannot possibly pick a favorite scene. But, I can pick a favorite performance. It was on Dec. 14 and I was sitting in B101. Unfortunately, the peasant's seat was C101 that day. But, I was thrilled for the person behind me and I loved sitting that close.

  8. I loved seeing and hearing Clay on Broadway. I hope someday he'll return with a starring role in a play written with him and his amazing voice in mind! Thanks for the wonderful memory!

  9. I didn't get to go see "Spamalot" but I saw tons of clack thanks to all the clack gatherers and the reports from those who were lucky enough to attend. That was so much fun waiting for the reports to start rolling in. Clay is one of a kind!

  10. Thanks for the memories. I think the guard scene was probably my favourite … the second time I saw it. The first time I saw it, I was in a bit of a trance and so the second time, I sort of got with the program. What can I say, I loved it all. 🙂

  11. Favorite Spamalot scene? Impossible to choose. Clay and his co-stars are all extremely talented and I laughed non-stop from start to finish.

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