Clay Aiken – Surprise!!

Clay Aiken is a pro at surprising his fan.  He did that Friday night when he made a surprise appearance at the David Foster and Friends Concert held at the HP Pavillion in San Jose, California.

Clay was asked onto the stage by his good friend, David Foster and ask to sing.  David asked him to sing Unchained Melody, a song that is a favorite with both the fans and Clay.  Clay was dressed casually and it was obvious that he did not expect to be on the stage as he had to borrow a jacket from a friend back stage.

As he was announced, the audience began sending messages by twitter and soon, many of the fans heard of Clay’s appearance.  Fortunately, a Clay fan was in the audience and was able to video the performance on her phone.  The video is not the best, but the sound is wonderful.  Clay was brilliant in his rendition of this song.  His voice was clear and full and a real statement of his recovery from his surgery.

A big thank you to David Foster for inviting Clay to sing.  Another thank you to Clay for singing and and a BIG thank you to the fans who were able to get the “Clack.”

The following is the video of the performance.  It is certainly worth the listen.


Here is a new video that was posted Sunday morning.  The video is better.


WOW!!  You can really see him and hear the intro in this one.


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19 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Surprise!!

  1. What a treat this performance was! Clay Aiken sounds wonderful! I miss that man and his glorious voice!

  2. CLAY AIKEN WAS FAN FREAKIN' TASTIC!!!! Wish we could have "seen" him, but it was such a treat to hear him!! I've missed that voice, like lots. No one has the tone that Clay does – especially singing in his lower range. AMAZING!

  3. Perfection! Love Clay Aiken. His voice is incomparable. Can't wait to hear and see more. Hurry up, 2010!!

  4. I did enjoy waching the video, although I would rather have been there. But then who wouldn't have? Clay sounded wonderful.

    It won't be too much longer before we have a new cd and possibly another tour. So as a dedicated fan the future looks bright.

  5. Wow, that took my breath away it was so amazing! No wonder someone heard a gentleman comment that 'that was worth the price of the ticket!' It sure had to be!

  6. i feel so rejunaveted….Clay's singing is just like the blessed rain after a long drought! Thanks so much for this post and the videos.Just can't wait until 2010….

  7. Clay Aiken has most certainly been Blessed with an AWESOME singing voice. This video showcases what a BEAUTIFUL VOICE this man has. Singing as singing should be, pure, pitch perfect with no gimmicks. Way to go Clay…..Thank You for sharing your gift……….

  8. Thank you so much! Clay sounds just wonderful, as always, but there was something just magnificent about this UM!!! Just great!!!! MAE

  9. Yes agree with Melanie above, this IS singing as singing should be. Only Clay can do that. Mesmerise with PURE VOICE. Its beautiful and magical and fills every inch of my soul. Cannot stop listening to UM. DECCA please showcase the marvelous LOWER RANGE, I would be in heaven. David said GO STRONG, that’s how I like it too.

  10. What a perfectly perfect performance of UM by the best singer of them all…Clay Aiken. I just cannot wait for that man to tour again. He is just amazing on the stage…or anywhere to be exact. Can't stop watching that video.

  11. Clay has never sang a song that I did not like. If I'm feeling low-I play his cds. never has it failed me. I will stay with him till I leave this earth. Anniemae

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