Clay Aiken – It’s About Time!

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It’s About Time!!
Clay Aiken withdraws Wake voter registration

RALEIGH, N.C. — Former “American Idol” runner-up and Raleigh native Clay Aiken has withdrawn his voter registration in Wake County, following a challenge to whether the singer is eligible to vote there.

Aiken sent a letter to the Wake County Board of Elections, which scheduled a meeting Wednesday to examine a complaint from Wake Republican Party Chairman Claude Pope.

Pope filed the complaint last month, after Aiken called candidates for the county school board “selfish idiots.”

Aiken was not in attendance at Wednesday’s meeting, in which Pope testified that Aiken voted this fall in Raleigh after he bought a house in nearby Chatham County.

The Wake residence, where he was registered to vote, is owned by Aiken’s mother, Faye Parker, Pope told the board, and although the Chatham home is owned by a trust, mortgage documents require it to be Aiken’s principal residence.

In a blog entry posted Monday on his Web site, Aiken said he remained registered at the “permanent address that I’ve long used here in Wake County because I consider Raleigh home.”

“While I believe my registration is perfectly valid, I’ve decided to change my registration from Wake County rather than get into a technical dispute,” he wrote.

The elections board concluded that Aiken did vote improperly but that he has avoided any future problems by withdrawing his registration.

“Sometimes, people don’t understand the law,” board director Cherie Poucher said. “There was no intention of law-breaking. I think this should be over and done today.”

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26 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s About Time!

  1. The election board finally made a good decision. Clay never meant to do anything improper. Maybe this will bring out more voters next time.

  2. Of course its over and done with. If it hadn't been for some ludicrous individual looking to ride Clay Aiken's coattails to some stalker "fame" this could have been handled privately and quietly and with less cost to the district, with the inevitably same outcome. The articulate, intelligent blog Clay posted shows a man who cares deeply for the rights of children to receive an education and for inclusion of ALL children. It shows his concern for all kids to be with and learn about their peers of all colors and abilities. His voice will continue to be heard….thankfully.

  3. This should never have been an issue. Of all the good things Clay Aiken has done for Raleigh, to treat him this way is unforgivable. The N&O should be proud of their local celebrity and report the many positive things Clay has done.He has worked with children before and after he was on AI and will continue to fight for their rights…no matter what county he votes in.

  4. I'm so glad this is over. It's unfortunate that it went as far as it did. The bright side is that maybe it woke the people of Wake County up to get their butts out to vote. They can't blame anyone but themselves if the newly elected school board changes and set things back 50 years. Clay using his voice again. He made a statement as any concerned citizen or parent should. I applaud his stand, maybe some of these people that took the time to comment will get out and do something besides complain and hope someone else will take care of the problem. Thats the reason we are where we are nobody gives a damn until its to late.

  5. I have such an enormous amount of respect for this articulate man. He stands up for what he knows is right, and against what he knows is wrong. As a celebrity, when he speaks his mind, he is well aware that the snakes will crawl out of the woodwork and try to attack. But no matter how these creatures try, they can't keep him from expressing his opinions, nor will they EVER stop him. What an idol we have chosen. One we can be completely proud of.

  6. Glad to see this over with. If it were me, I'd be mad at the tax dollars wasted on something that should have been dealt with privately (like they would do with any other citizen). Good for Clay Aiken for bringing attention to this matter. It's not an easy one, there's definitely pros and cons on both sides, but the citizens of Raleigh should have a voice in the matter and the new SB should not be allowed to ram their agenda through the system. Hopefully, the 94% who did not vote are now taking notice.

  7. It could have been handled quietly but Clay Aiken's stalker had it blown way out of proportion. I'm glad to see that the board of elections had a lot more common sense than the individual who tried everything to get Clay arrested.

  8. Glad that this is over. "Much ado about nothing." Maybe it will encourage more people to vote. It is pathetic that only 6% of registered voters participated in an election of a board that will be making decisions for the school children of Wake County.

  9. Glad this is over. As far as I'm concerned, it should never been brought before a board anyway. Just a waste of taxpayer's money. A simple letter informing Mr. Aiken that he was registered and voted in the wrong county would have been sufficient. Hopefully, the school board will take his remarks in his private blog seriously and realize that he will not be silenced when it comes to the welfare of children.

  10. This is an interesting bit of news.
    From WRAL:
    "Based upon online records it appears that senior Pope's son, Claude E. Pope III, is still registered to vote as living at a house his mommy and daddy sold on 04-dec-2008."
    Perhaps Claude and Clay's stalker can both explain their voting "irregularities.

  11. Well, not maybe the Education Board will get down to real business and make sure their schools do not go backwards in the education of the county's children.

  12. I want to read all the press releases for all the other people who are registered wrong, Like Mr. Pope's son.

  13. So glad it's over and really was a non-issue and a waste of time and money. Raleigh should appreciate all that Clay has brought to their community and support him for it.

  14. Clay Aiken speaks, people listen, and then create a tempest in a tea pot. What a bunch of loons!

    Good for you Clay, keep on speaking out against the fools of this world.

  15. The article is very informative. Clay Aiken was targeted and never tried to not pay his taxes. Much ado about nothing is correct.

    • If he had tried to vote in two counties, that would be one thing. I would bet his driver's licence is probably under his Mom's address too. That crazy loonie stalker just wanted to blow this thing way out of proportion. I am glad that this has been resolved and it is something that should never have happened. Clay comes out looking like his usual classy self and the one guy who would have been better off to keep his mouth shut and be thought an idiot opened it and proved himself so!

  16. This was politics at it's worst. If it had not been Clay Aiken we would never have heard anything about this. Maybe the Wake County Republican Party can now get back to doing the people's business instead of singling out honest citizens and wasting taxpayers' money.

  17. I'm glad this is over as well…and what a waste of time and taxpayers money….Seriously….Clay Aiken is an honourable man, that works endlessly for children. His heart and interest is for their wellbeing….And it is true… the N&O should be a paper that supports their artist…in all the money over the years that his foundation has raised for kids….being a Unicef Ambassador…he's a good guy…and they should treat him with more respect than they give….The N&O should really be ashamed of the way that they treat their famous son…..Shame on all of you.

  18. Some little people got some publicity for a few days and then people discovered they really were idiots. Clay Aiken was right and maintains his integrity and respect.

  19. So glad that all that foolishness is over with. Never was necessary to begin with. So sad, that Clay cannot post anything on his own private blog without it being taken somewhere to cause a controversy for Clay. Clay is an honorable man and brings lots of revenue to Raliegh..and they should appreciate it.

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