Clay Aiken – MTV for the Digital Age

On December 8, 2009, a new site was launched on the web.  Named Vevo, the site aims to be the MTV of the Web.  The musical video site is backed by Universal, Sony and EMI and was created by YouTube.

According to Doug Morris, the chairman and chief executive of Universal Music, “Vevo is a chance, perhaps the chance to please stop playing defense,  Vevo is a huge platform, and you know what’s best of all?  It’s our platform.”

Plans for Vevo were first announced in April. YouTube described Vevo as a “premium online music video hub” that will be powered by YouTube’s video technology. Users can access the content via or through a new Vevo YouTube channel, which will include a Vevo-branded embedded player.

Rio Caraeff is the chief executive of Vevo.  He said in an interview that, “It will be a higher-quality experience around music and videos than anything else that’s currently out there.”  He also said that the site would host 30,000 music videos by the end of the year.  Vevo will carry original programs by artist for their fans.  It will also contain programming from CBS radio stations.

The idea is to create an MTV for the digital age.  They want a music site where all the latest and archived videos can be found.

This is a difficult time for music companies as they are losing revenue and profits due to the combined impact of falling sales and online piracy.   Vevo presents a new method for fans to discover new music.

How does Clay Aiken fit into this?  Well, I am really looking forward to seeing professional videos of Clay singing new songs from his first CD from Decca.

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – MTV for the Digital Age

  1. The music industry is changing so dramatically so quickly. It seems that the people who in the past have dictated what is a hit are becoming obsolete. It seems now to be moving more towards the fans decision and choice. The best example of that is Susan Boyle. No matter what the "movers and shakers" wanted, the fans this past two weeks wanted her. Vevo sounds great, and with the PR that I am sure Clay will get from Decca, he will rock on this site.

  2. I'm truly looking forward to the Decca years. I believe that Clay Aiken has chosen wisely with Decca – they are not stuck in the past, but look to the future!!! Here's to a bright future and lots of new music (and a tour???) and videos!!

  3. The music industry is changing and I'm certain Decca and Clay will change with the times. It's all very exciting.

  4. Great news and article! Looking forward to Clay's new beginning and future with Decca! Hope all things for him will be bright and blessed and every path he takes will be the right one! He's an adorable person and I'm thankful for him!

  5. Musicfan,

    Wonderful article about Vevo! Thank you so much for keeping us informed of the latest news connected to Clay Aiken. Looking forward to 2010!

    Have an awesome weekend!


  6. I can't wait to see how Clay will fits into this new Vevo Site. I am sure that he will do fine with Decca. RCA never did a thing for Clay. So, I'm looking forward to 2010 and the new CD and the new Clay Aiken. How exciting!

  7. I don't think MTV or VH1 show videos anymore. Vevo will fill that void and get videos out to the fans again. I hope we'll be seeing Clay Aiken on Vevo soon. 🙂

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