Clay Aiken Writes About Somalia

Clay Aiken wrote a moving and informative article for UNICEF that was published at The Huffington Post.

The article is about Somalia and speaks of some history of violence.  It also outlines the differences  between when he visited there and where it is now.  One short part of the article says:

Last year, in my role as UNICEF Ambassador, I spent five days in northwest Somalia. There’s no question that years of civil war and a defunct central government has left much of this nation dangerously unstable. In fact, half the population of Somalia remains internally displaced and in a state of humanitarian emergency.

This tragic reality affects an estimated 3.6 million people, half of whom are children. Over 1.5 million are displaced as a result of conflict, largely between Islamic extremists and government forces. Not only is this population burdened by violence and instability, but also extreme poverty and recurrent food shortages.

There are, however, glimmers of hope.

You can see the entire article at The Huffington Report.

Congratulations, Clay.  I hope this informative article is read by many people who will see the need to help and support the people, especially the children of Somalia

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27 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Writes About Somalia

  1. I hope that everyone takes a moment and reads Clay Aiken's entire blog on the Huffington Post. It helps to put some things in perspective. Clay is an intelligent, articulate man and I am so proud to be his fan.

    • I did read entire blog on the Huffington Post and totally agree that it does put things in perspective. One only needs to listen and they will know that Clay is very intelligent, articulate, and very selfless when being concerned for others less fortunate. I am also very proud to be his fan and friend. I say friend, because I so care about him and that he succeeds in life and always knows the right path to follow.

  2. What a breath of fresh air Clay Aiken is. At last a celeb that has no DUI's, no abuse arrests, no cheating scandals, no mug shots…..just a good and decent man who cares about the children of the world. A man who forever will be a teacher speaking on behalf of the people who can't speak for themselves. I too am incredibly proud of the unique man that I am a fan of.

  3. Wonderful article! THIS is why I love this man so. His voice is so magnificent in "so many way"!! As a vocalist, proud gay father, supportive and loyal friend and PHILANTHORPIST <3

  4. Sue….you said exactly what is in my heart as well…..I could read Clay Aiken blogs forever……he is just so smart and articulate…..His heart just shines through…..I love this man.


  5. Musicfan,

    Thank you for the blog directing your readers to Clay Aiken's wonderful post about somalia on Huffington Post site. We support a very intelligent, articulate man who also has a beautiful voice.

    Have an awesome New Year!


  6. Clay Aiken is so eloquent and his information on Somalia and the children is very current. We need to listen.

  7. I loved reading Clay Aiken's article on Huffington Post today. He has an intelligent, informed take on the problems in Somalia.

  8. If you haven't read the article on Huffington Post written by Clay Aiken, take time to do so. Excellent.

  9. What a well-written article by Clay Aiken. He is such an intelligent and caring person.

    Thank you for pointing us to the article.

  10. That was a great blog that Clay wrote regarding the situation in Somalia. I was glad to see it highlighted in the Huffington Post. I hope the article reaches many people. Clay Aiken is such a good and compassionate man! I'm so proud of him and honored to be a fan of his!

  11. This is one more reason to love him!!! He is intelligent and caring man….I am proud of him.
    He cares so much about the Kids future ..what a great heart that he have.

  12. I love Clay’s article on Somalia. Being on The Huffington Post should reach many more people and educate them on what is going on in Somalia. Clay does wonderful work with Unicef as their ambassador for all the children. Bravo to Clay for caring.

  13. I read his article earlier on today and once again was impressed with his eloquence when writing this and all his other UNICEF posts. I am so glad he spent some of his holidays reaching out to help those less fortunate….the children. This beats an OFC blog any day and I'm glad Clay keeps those kids first on his list of to do's. Hopefully this article will be read by many and they will know of the suffering in Somalia and also get a little glimpse of OMC through his written words.

  14. Great blog. With so many problems in the world, it is sometimes difficult to look for the bright spots. Clay appears to have an innate ability to look beyond the problems for that ray of light which can transform the world. His charisma is obvious in his words.

  15. A wonderful, articulate blog. Clay Aiken has a huge heart to go along with that huge voice. I am proud to call myself a fan.

  16. Thank you for posting this on CANN. It show's where Clay Aiken's heart is….with the children of the world. He is well informed and articulates the needs of the less fortunate children.

  17. Thanks Clay Aiken for the informative artcle from Somalia. That nation is indeed a worst place in the world and nobody cares….again thanks and I do love your music too….Peace

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