Clay Aiken Writes About Somalia

Clay Aiken wrote a moving and informative article for UNICEF that was published at The Huffington Post.

The article is about Somalia and speaks of some history of violence.  It also outlines the differences  between when he visited there and where it is now.  One short part of the article says:

Last year, in my role as UNICEF Ambassador, I spent five days in northwest Somalia. There’s no question that years of civil war and a defunct central government has left much of this nation dangerously unstable. In fact, half the population of Somalia remains internally displaced and in a state of humanitarian emergency.

This tragic reality affects an estimated 3.6 million people, half of whom are children. Over 1.5 million are displaced as a result of conflict, largely between Islamic extremists and government forces. Not only is this population burdened by violence and instability, but also extreme poverty and recurrent food shortages.

There are, however, glimmers of hope.

You can see the entire article at The Huffington Report.

Congratulations, Clay.  I hope this informative article is read by many people who will see the need to help and support the people, especially the children of Somalia

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