Clay Aiken – Fedora or Leather?

Clay Aiken – Leather Jacket – Pianos – Jukebox – Fedora – Costume Changes – Summer…………….Yep…….its the JukeBox Tour of 2005

Because of all the news about Clay Aiken’s new album and the news of a PBS special, many of his fans have been talking about the music of the 50’s and 60’s.  Clay performed so many outstanding songs and put on such a fun program that many are hoping that the new album and special will have many of the same elements.

Throughout the past few years, I have accumulated a huge array of JukeBox Tour photographs.  So, I chose a few to share with you.  Which one is your favorite?









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23 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Fedora or Leather?

  1. Now how in the world can I choose?? Impossible.

    Clay AIken is sure a Cutie!!

    Thanks for all the great pictures

  2. I think he looks the best in a sharp suit. I'd love to see him take that look for the publicity and tour. But gotta admit there is nothing wrong with that leather jacket : )

  3. This is not fair….How on earth are we suppose to choose?????? I love them all….but for me #4…with those beautiful eyes….

    This CD is gonna be great…I cannot wait to hear something from it…I mean…if the Decca Executives say it is amazing…..well….I am so there. (I actually know it would be anyways….Clay never disappoints)


  4. My favorite photo of Clay this time around is #8. In it Clay is listening and relaxing while taking a short break from singing. The look of satisfaction and enjoyment on his face says it all. Also love the side-view profile.


  5. This was like absolutely impossible to choose just 1 photo, they are all so good, Clay is just too adorable, but I went with #7 because he looks like he's about 12 LOL, and I love that little smile of his!!! 🙂

    Can't wait 4 his new album and PBS special!!!! 😀

  6. I was torn between #1 and #4 (although they're all wonderful) , but I ultimately went with #4 – those eyes do it to me every time!! The many expressions of Clay Aiken. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HIM AGAIN!

  7. That was a hard pick. I finally marked #4 but I also loved #1. I am so excited to hear and see Clay again! I am waiting patiently -not.

  8. All of the photos are good; it was hard to choose just one but I picked #4. I love the idea of 50 and 60’s music. Clay Aiken sings everything so well.

  9. #1 and 8 are my favorites. Can't wait for the new CD and tour. And what ever else Clay has in store for us this year. Finally, 2010 is here!

  10. This was hard cause I love them all but ended up picking #8, with #1 and #6 close behind. Its always hard to pick a favorite picture of Clay….they are all good.

  11. I couldn't help it…I went for #1. I just love him in that leather jacket up on that piano singing those Elvis tunes. His Jukebox Tour was the best. Hmmmm! Wonder if there will be a JB2? I'm so excited about what is to come.

  12. I love all of the Clay Aiken photos, but I finally settled on No. 4. The camera loves him so that makes it twice as hard to pick a favorite!

  13. This was harder than earning my diploma!!!! They are all really nice pictures and they capture different angles of him. I iltimately went with #8 although I actually like #1 better. Actually, it's a tie for me. They are all the best.

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