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I would like to invite you to unite together with other Clay Aiken fans to join the From the Heart of the ClayNation team at UNICEF.

Some caring fans put their heads together to come up with a way we all could help the catastrophe in Haiti. The Clay Aiken fans chose UNICEF for many reasons, but most important was that it is a organization that Clay supports.

By joining the team, we can put our resources together and donate in Clay Aiken’s honor. Every dollar counts……if each of us could just donate one dollar or more, we will be helping the children in Haiti. It’s easy to join the team and the funds go directly to UNICEF, no go-between.

Click on: Heart of the ClayNation Team and then click on Join This Team

Did you know:

  1. Already the U.S. Fund for UNICEF has committed over $11 MILLION in relief to Haiti.
  2. The U.S. Fund has waived all administrative fees for anyone donating to Haiti relief efforts, so that 100% of every dollar donated will go directly to save the children of Haiti
  3. The Government reported that all schools in Port-au-Prince have collapsed, so a 15-day school closure has been announced.
  4. Re-establishing radio transmission capacity is a priority to reach approximately 80 percent of the Port-au-Prince population.

SueReu made the most touching video. Using Clay’s Grace of God she has shown us what is happening in Haiti. Thank you for your support of UNICEF and the children of Haiti.


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20 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Join In To Help

  1. Thank you for posting the link and Sue's video. She did a wonderful job.
    It is so sad and heartbreaking as to what has happened.

  2. We CAN make a difference in the life of a child.

    When I put that video together, I tried to pick images that were not extremely graphic. Some of what I saw on the internet in my search for video and photos was heartbreaking and horrific. These children not only have suffered through that earthquake and its aftermath, the emotional trauma is beyond anything I could even imagine.

    Any amount helps – anything. If you just cannot contribute, please please hold them close in your prayers.

    Thank you for getting this information out there – Clay Aiken has set an amazing example for his fans to follow, I think we have learned well.

  3. Thanks for your blog and posting the touching montage by SueReu of the devastation from Haiti's earthquake.

  4. Sue's montage is heartbreaking! Clay has taught us all to look into our hearts and help whenever we can. I hope the ClayNation can make a difference.

  5. Thank you for that video Sue. I have dobated to Unicef for decades and now donate monthly. When this hit Haiti I immediatley wrote a check over and above my usual monthly amount to directly help Unicef in Haiti. I have no doubt that Clay Nation will rally and come thru with donations.l

  6. Thank you so much for that video. I am happy to help with this effort and proud to be part of this fandom.

    There But For the Grace of God indeed!

  7. I am so proud to be part of the ClayNation. We come together and help those in need. Clay taught us well. Thanks Sue for all your hard work in setting the link up and the touching Haiti montage.

  8. Wonderful blog and video! I have as much admiration for Clay Aiken's fans as I do for Clay Aiken. The fans never fail to step up when needed. I hope that people who don't necessarily follow Clay closely will stumble across this blog and be moved enough to take action. All our help is needed now.

  9. So sad and touching. Thankyou for the wonderful effort to pull many together towards such a needy cause! My prayers and $$$ are on their way.

  10. Joined the team and made a small donation which is all I can handle at the moment.____Wonderful video, Sue. If people want to see extremely graphic, they can watch CNN. It is horrifying to watch and my heart aches for those poor souls. The ones who have been lost are no longer suffering but the ones remaining are left, and will continue to suffer for a long time. Every little bit helps and the ClayNation is known for answering the call when needed. Thanks to those who set this up.

  11. Thank you for that beautiful video Sue. Let's hope we can help with all the contributions. I have watched the coverage on my regular News Show and it is very sad to see.

  12. Musicfan,

    Thank you for serving as "headquarters" for the Clay Nation's UNICEF fundraising for the people of Haiti in conjunction with SueReu's wonderful montage. Hopefully, the contributions from around the world will help make a difference by alleviating suffering and promoting rebuilding.

    Have a wonderful week!


  13. Thank you for posting SueReu's wonderful video. The situation in Haiti is heartbreaking and I hope that all the can will give. Every amount will help.

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