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Clay Aiken – It’s Rock & Roll

I have to be completely honest with you……I don’t watch American Idol.  I used to.  I watched the last two shows of the first year and watched Kelly and Justin  as they vied for the title of American Idol.  It was fun.  I watched for a few more years and enjoyed watching as the young kids improved each week and grew to become real pros.  The last season I watched was the season that had the two Davids….  I really liked David Cook.  Then it was over for me.  I can list many reasons why I stopped watching, but……well…I think that maybe some of the magic just disappeared!

On Thursday night, American Idol had more press coverage that they had for many years.  It seems one of the favorites to win was voted off by the fans.  Pia Toscano was loved by the judges, yet she was voted off last night.  According to what I have read, she had a great voice but need to work on her stage presence.  Do you know any other Idol contestant who was eliminated too soon??

This past week, the theme of American Idol was Rock and Roll Songs.  The contestants sang songs ranging from Michael Jackson to the Police.  In season 2, they didn’t have a Rock and Roll week.   Too bad for Clay Aiken who can sing almost any genre of music.  It would have been fun seeing Ruben, Clay, the two Kim and the others rock out.

When I think of Clay Aiken and Rock and Roll, I always remember how great he was when he was singing medleys of famous Rock and Roll songs on the JukeBox Tour.  I visited YouTube last night and found some great videos from the Rock section of the JukeBox Tour.  I hadn’t seen these for a long time, but they are as wonderful as I remember.  Take a look!  These videos are great and prove that Clay Aiken can sing any genre!!

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