Clay Aiken – What Will It Look Like?

Tuesday was an exciting day for Clay Aiken fans.  It was so exciting to see Clay’s new album, Tried and True listed for Pre-order at Amazon.  As I am writing this, the album is listed in 5th place at Amazon.

Most fans are wondering what the album cover will look like.  There have been so many great Clay album covers.  Do you remember these?

From Singapore…….

Radio Single – Solitaire

Radio Single

Radio Single – Without You

Walmart Bonus

Which one is your favorite?

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – What Will It Look Like?

  1. While they're all gorgeous, I'm partial to the All Is Well EP cover, followed closely by ATDW. Clay Aiken is one of the most photogenic people I've seen and I cannot WAIT to see some new pictures!!!!

  2. My favorite single would have to be Solitaire. As for the CD covers, I just can't pick one, they are all beautiful. Pictures of Clay are like potato chips….you can't just have one!

  3. Its so hard to pick….so, I won't. But, I will give my three favorite covers: "All Is Well" "OMWH" and "ATDW." Clay is just so gorgeous and he can always look different. I think his look right now is downright thudilicious!!

  4. eeny meeny miny moe – which one to choose???

    I love the I Will Carry You cover and the All I8 Well cover, the profile On My Way Here, – See I cannot choose. LOL

  5. Love them all. "All Is Well" is my favorite. I cannot wait to see "Tried and True." I sure do love that title. I think it describes Clay Aiken as well as the songs.

  6. I love them all.

    Im not into guessing anything anymore about Clay.

    I just relax and enjoy what he gives me. I am never disappointed and always amazed.

  7. Every time I look at them, I pick a different favorite cause I love them all. But I think I like the "All is Well" cover the best. The camera just loves that man!

  8. Clay has a gorgeous profile which his fans have written many comments about on the boards.
    When the OMWH cover was revealed, thuds were heard all over the world! Because he dedicated that album to his fans and because he gave us such a beautiful profile it will always be my favorite.

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