Clay Aiken – An Amazing Start

On March 12, 2010, about 2000 fans had the opportunity to see and hear Clay Aiken at the Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh, North Carolina.  There have been many “red” reports on all the boards and they have been overwhelming in their praise of the professional and emotional night.

At the Tried & True concert, Clay sang three songs that he sang on television in 2003.  The songs were great in their abbreviated form, but wait until the world hears the new arrangements!!

The following videos are the original performances that Clay sang in 2003.  All three are amazing and a great introduction what Clay does today with these songs.


Build Me Up, Buttercup


Unchained Melody


Mack The Knife


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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – An Amazing Start

  1. It still blows me away to see him take those 3 renditions, already perfect on its own, to another level. Never imagined that could happen. Clay delivered in spades. Thank you. That was an amazing amazing night. Thanks also to the musicians and everyone who came together and made it happen.

  2. hi all

    i'm a friend of AnnaG and she's acting so weird, i've never seen her so high and happy. i mean really HIGH and HAPPY!!! what did you guys do to her? LOL!!!! it's thursday, almost a week since the concert and she's still torturing me with stories of the concert!!! LOL!!! keep it up guys!

    • LOL!! Sorry Alison, can’t keep it to myself. I needed a dumping ground badly. Thanks a mil. Let me know when I should SHUT UP. LOL!!

      Congratulations on your first post at CANN! WELCOME! 😀

  3. I wasn't able to get to the OMG Concert but I am so happy for all who had the opportunity to experience IT Live!! I have so enjoyed all the write ups about the event and I am really enjoying all the AI videos too! : ) I can not wait for the PBS Special to air and to get my hands on the CD and DVD!!

  4. I wasn't able to get to the concert, but from reading all the glowing reports I'm REALLY excited to see it on PBS and to get the CD and DVD. Clay Aiken is a fantastic performer and I can't wait to see the PBS special.

  5. Tuesday when I was watching Idol, I realized that Clay's worst performance on season 2 would have beaten the best performance I saw this week from season 9 contestants.

  6. I was at the OMG concert on Friday and have still not come down from the "Clay high!"

    After hearing those songs live, I am more anxious than ever to get my hands on that new CD–and I cannot wait to see the PBS special.

  7. I enjoyed seeing those videos.Clay voice was so very special even then. The newly arranged versions of those songs are just awesome. I can't wait for this cd to be released.

  8. Love all those videos, it just brings back great memories. Clay was by far the best AI contestant.
    I can't wait to see the PBS special and to have the new CD. 🙂

  9. The three videos show us how talented Clay has always been. I can't wait to hear these songs on the special. Time is just going too slowly!!

    Thanks for putting these together for us.

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