Clay Aiken – Those Eyes…….Those Wonderful Eyes!

Since 2003, Clay Aiken Fans have been blessed with so many wonderful pictures of Clay.  Many of them have been taken by his fans, but he has also had many photo shoots and has been photographed at most of his public events.

Sometimes is it fun to go back and see some of the fabulous pictures.  AND…… can never have too many Clay Aiken pictures.

The following pictures were taken at the AI3 finale party for Fantasia.  Clay was the host for that night.  I know I have seen these pictures before, but I forgot how handsome Clay looked that night.


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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Those Eyes…….Those Wonderful Eyes!

  1. Still in the Aiken fog but managed to see those beautiful eyes through it. Can't believe I was in Raleigh a week ago ….. or was I just dreaming???????

  2. I loved how he looked with that nice form fitting shirt with the tie tucked into his shirt. I always thought that was such a unique idea and looked very sexy. Also, you sure are right, Clay Aiken has beautiful eyes. I have never been lucky enough to see them in person up close…but, if I did, I would probably pass out. EEEEEEEEE!

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