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Clay Aiken Releases More Tickets To Sold-Out Show
Clay Aiken fans, if you thought you were out of luck when tickets to his one-night only show sold-out, think again. A limited number of tickets will be released starting at Noon Tuesday, March 9.

Aiken originally sold out the show at the Memorial Auditorium within minutes after being on-sale to the public.

According to a press release, due to popular demand, Aiken and his production team “worked to reconfigure the stage set-up in order to release a limited number of seats that were being held for TV production”.

“I sincerely thank my fans for their support. Selling out the Memorial Auditorium in minutes is so mind blowing to me, and now luckily I can get some more fans into the audience with these extra tickets” said the singer. “I can’t wait to share the new music with everyone and I promise to make it a one of a kind, extra special show.”

Tickets will be available on at Noon (EST) on Tuesday, March 9.

We also got information about donated tickets from The Way We Make A Difference

There is still time to donate tickets……the time is now!

Thursday at noon is the deadline to donate tickets…..Ticketfast only, please!

Sufficient time is needed for all involved, especially the agencies who need to distribute tickets on their end.

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated tickets thus far.  Because of your generosity, over 60 (and counting) people with and without disabilities will be able to experience the joy of attending a concert together………a Clay Aiken concert and TV taping.  What a wonderful opportunity!

The ARC of Orange County. located in Chapel Hill, has many program participants who are excited at the prospect of attending this show.  We are also working with Ronald McDonald Houses in Durham and Chapel Hill.  They are excited and very pleased with the offer.

Sometimes change begins with something as simple as a concert ticket.

To donate a ticket(s), please EMAIL:
Thank you!
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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Sold Out – Tickets

  1. And he was worried about ticket sales. <3 I'm not able to be there, but I'm thrilled for everyone who is able to go, and thrilled that it sold out!

  2. I am thrilled to hear that Clay Aiken's concert is sold out. The people that purchased them will not be disappointed. Clay Aiken is an excellent entertainer and I can't wait to see him Friday night. Thank you to "the way we make a difference" for all they do to help others.

  3. How exciting that Clay Aiken's show sold out in minutes after tickets were put on sale for the public! Kudos to all those that donated their extra tickets to "The Way We Make a Difference" so that others will get a chance to experience Clay's concert.

  4. Sell out!! Yeah baby! I wish I could go. I trust all the lucky ones who get to go will give us poor souls who can't the full run down 🙂 I'm sure it's going to be amazing.

  5. Damn I wish I could go, it will be a blast. Have a great time and don't forget to let us know all the details that you can.

  6. Congrats to Clay for the Sell-Out of his Tried and True Concert. I wish I could go..but I am sure that we will get a full run-down of the show. I know it will be amazing. So glad there were so many tickets donated to "The Way We Make A Difference." I know they will be thrilled to get to go and see this concert.

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